Pharmaceutics Curriculum

The MS degree requires at least 30 semester hours, which may include 6 semester hours of research. The degree usually requires a thesis.

The PhD degree is primarily a research degree conferred upon students who have demonstrated proficiency in their chosen field of research. PhD students take a comprehensive examination between the beginning and end of their third year of graduate study. The dissertation is defended in a final oral examination.

The Pharmaceutics PhD curriculum is currently being revised.  More detailed information will be available once the revisions are complete. 

Below are some examples of courses offered.  Complete course descriptions can be found in the University of Iowa Online General Catalog.

PHAR:4799:0001  Special Topics in Pharmaceutics

For students interested in an introductory course in mass transport.

PHAR:6501 Principles and Mechanisms of Chemical Toxicology

This is a modular course in toxicology.  Pharmaceutics students may elect to take these courses to extend their understanding of drug and material safety and toxicity.  Students must have completed a one semester course in Biochemistry prior to enrolling in any of the course modules.


PHAR:5745  Drug Delivery: Principles and Applications

Prerequisites for this course include: PHAR:4736, PHAR:4737 (or equivalent); a one semester course in Biochemistry; one year of Calculus (or Calculus for the Biological Sciences) with completion of or co-registration in Engineering Math IV/Introduction to Differential Equations.


PHAR:6700 Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

One year of Calculus or Calculus for the Biological Sciences is required. Engineering Math IV/Introduction to Differential Equations is highly recommended for this course.


PHAR:5542 Enzymatic Basis of Drug Metabolism