The purpose of Phi Lambda Sigma, also known as the National Pharmacy Leadership Society, is to promote the development of leadership qualities, especially among pharmacy students. By peer recognition, the Society encourages participation in all pharmacy activities. Since membership crosses fraternal and organizational lines, the Society does not compete with other pharmacy organizations. Phi Lambda Sigma is complementary to Rho Chi in that it honors leadership, while Rho Chi honors scholastic achievement. Members are selected by peer recognition. No greater honor can be bestowed upon an individual than to be recognized as a leader by one's peers. Such recognition instills and enhances self-confidence, encourages the less active student to a more active role and promotes greater effort toward the advancement of pharmacy.

About Us


Phi Lambda Sigma was organized in March, 1965 on the campus of Auburn University, with the approval of the faculty of the School of Pharmacy. Following a two-year probationary period, the Auburn University Student Senate granted a charter to the Society on October 3, 1967. The Phi Lambda Sigma National Fraternity was legally incorporated in Lee County, Alabama on June 28, 1968. That same year, the name "Phi Lambda Sigma" was registered with the U.S. Bureau of Patents and Copyrights in Washington, D.C., and an official key was designed by the Balfour Company. The National Office was moved from Auburn University to Atlanta, Georgia in 1992. In 1996, Phi Lambda Sigma contracted with the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy for administration of the Society, and the National Office was relocated from Atlanta to the campus of the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1999 the Society relocated to the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy where it makes its current home.


Like many national associations, Phi Lambda Sigma operates through a system of local Chapters. Phi Lambda Sigma Chapters are designated by Greek letter. As of the summer of 2000, a Phi Lambda Sigma Chapter had been chartered at 62 of the 81 school and colleges of pharmacy in the United States and Puerto Rico.


Membership in Phi Lambda Sigma consists of four categories: student, faculty, alumni and honorary. For a student to be eligible for membership, he or she shall:

  • Be of high moral and ethical character
  • Have completed at least 135 quarter hours or 90 semester hours of scholastic work applicable toward a recognized pharmacy degree
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 1.50 on a 3.00 grading scale, or a 2.50 on a 4.00 grading scale

Any exception must comply with the Constitution and Bylaws of Phi Lambda Sigma. Nomination for all membership categories emanates from the present members of the Society. Prospective members are nominated on the basis of their demonstration of dedication, service and leadership in the advancement of pharmacy. By promoting such recognition, Phi Lambda Sigma provides an incentive for the development of future leadership potential for the profession.


College Wide Sporting Events

Each year, Phi Lambda Sigma organizes college wide sporting events. In the fall, we host a faculty/student softball game that is always competitive and a lot of fun. PLS organizes a volleyball tournament in which each class and the faculty participate. This year the tournament will be held the during the first week of the spring semester. Spring brings a college-wide basketball tournament that also provides a chance for the College of Pharmacy to relax and have a lot of fun......outside of class

National Pharmacy Week

PLS participates in National Pharmacy Week, held every year in October. We are responsible for planning events to be held within the college during one day each week. Past activities have included sponsoring theme days such as Hawaiian Day. This year we provided breakfast for the students.

Spring Fling

Spring Fling is held every year in April and is put on by all of the student organizations. Phi Lambda Sigma has members participate on the college-wide Spring Fling Committee. Every year, PLS sponsors the speaker for the event.

Methamphetamine Project

The Methamphetamine Project is a community service project being sponsored by The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. In light of the growing problem with methamphetamine production and consumption in the midwest and particularly in Iowa, the College of Pharmacy felt it would be beneficial to put together a program in order to help educate the public on methamphetamine and its dangers. Phi Lambda Sigma is one of the sponsors of the project and we have several members participating on the committee. Once the program has been developed, it is anticipated that it will be presented to junior high students.


Every year Phi Lambda Sigma initiates new members into the organization. Part of this process includes recruitment of the leaders identified within the college. PLS also anticipates becoming more involved with recruiting for the College of Pharmacy and the profession of pharmacy. As a part of this, we will be giving tours of the pharmacy building to prospective applicants and answering any questions they may have in regards to the college, the admission process, or the profession.

Orientation Packets

Phi Lambda Sigma will be creating Pharmacy Orientation Packets. These will be designed to assist incoming students in their first year of pharmacy school. Information regarding student organizations, advice on classes, where to find what you need in the pharmacy building, and survival tips will be provided.


Phi Lambda Sigma is hosting a series of lectures presented by New York Life. The purpose of this series is to improve financial planning knowledge so that students will be better prepared upon graduation. Topics covered include Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA, How Does The Stock Market Work?, and The Power of Life Insurance.

"A Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Student"
Phi Lambda Sigma, in collaboration with the University of Iowa Alumni Association, will be creating a video depicting "A Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Student". The video will be used to help convey what it is like to be a pharmacy student to alumni, practicing pharmacists, and prospective students.


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American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists
Iowa Pharmacy Association
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2018-2019 Officers

President: Courtney Dawson
President Elect: Matthew Stahl
Vice-President: Lucas Faley
Secretary: Jaelyn Olson
Treasurer: Cheyenne Caldwell
Advisor: Laura Knockel