The PharmD eportfolio (housed within ifolio) is designed to help develop students’ ability to integrate their PharmD learning over their didactic and experiential courses and into their professional life.  Integrative learning is defined as, “an understanding and a disposition that a student builds across the curriculum and co-curriculum, from making simple connections among ideas and experiences to synthesizing and transferring learning to new, complex situations within and beyond the campus.”1

Student eportfolios consist of artifacts paired with reflections about those artifacts.   Artifacts represent evidence of learning, and as such can include a broad range of items, including but not limited to course assignments, scored quizzes and exams, slides from class presentations, and feedback from performance-based assessments.  Reflections on artifacts commonly include an explanation for why a given artifact represents evidence of learning and how such learning connects to future learning in a given area and/or existing learning in other areas.2-3


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