Student Portfolio Expectations

Student responsibilities

Students in the PharmD program will be responsible for:

  1. Attending an ePortfolio orientation session during the P1 year Professional Engagement course and completing any assignments given during this session.
  2. Attending any subsequent required sessions regarding the ePortfolio system and completing any assignments given during these sessions. 
  3. Submitting all required artifacts, with accompanying reflections, within 1 week of when the artifact is finalized and graded.
  4. Revising reflections identified by the ePortfolio reviewer as not meeting the rubric criteria for satisfactory reflections.  Reflection revisions must be completed within three weeks of receiving the reviewer feedback.
  5. Completing a self-assessment of current progress towards achievement of each PharmD learning outcome at the beginning of the P1 year, immediately following completion of P1, P2, and P3 (pre-Advanced Practice Experience) year coursework and near the end of the P4 year.  The self-assessment will be completed within the ifolio system.


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