Program Training Sites

Program Training Sites

Residency Sites Located in Progressive Pharmacy Practices Across East Central Iowa

Hy-Vee Drugstore, Iowa City, Iowa

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Thane KadingBS Pharm, Site Coordinator

Additional Clinical Faculty: Jim Mennen, BS, MBA, MS, Bridget Jermeland, PharmD

Hy-Vee Drugstore is committed to providing comprehensive health and wellness services to its customers. Hy-Vee, Inc. has over 225 pharmacy sites many with their own unique specialties. The pharmacy provides patient education and services that include pharmaceutical case management, hypertension screening, comprehensive diabetes care education, immunization services including travel consultations, and lipid management. It also serves as a wellness clinic which contracts with private corporations to provide screening and educational services to their employees. The pharmacy provides access to nutritional counseling that is delivered by Hy-Vee registered dietitians. Residents will rotate through additional educational experiences that include corporate management and a pharmacy that specializes in compounding services.  An area of resident focus is to establish and implement disease management services in the community.

CarePro Pharmacy, North Liberty, Iowa with CarePro Pharmacy-A Avenue, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Marla Tonn, BS Pharm and Rani Shen, PharmD, Site Coordinators

Additional Clinical Faculty: Stevie Veach, PharmD, BCACP, Kyra Corbett, PharmD, Kim Van Schepen, PharmD, Jacquie Fitzgerald, PharmD

Residents participate in a shared position between two progressive pharmacies with a strong history of providing pharmaceutical care. Both participating pharmacies are located near the University of Iowa. Residents will have exposure to diverse patient populations in both small town and urban settings. Clinical services include AADE accredited diabetes education, lipid monitoring, hypertension programs, smoking cessation, immunizations, and transitions of care. Over 100 patients are cared for through the Iowa Medicaid Pharmaceutical Case Management program, OutcomesMTM and Mirixa. CarePro’s Worksite Wellness programs offer opportunities for health coaching at area business health screenings. Additional services include compliance packaging and medication synchronization. Elective experiences are available internally in nutraceutical wellness, compounding, home infusion, medical supply and business management. Each location has residency trained University of Iowa faculty member. This site is a residency program member since 1998.

Mercy Family Pharmacy, Dubuque, Iowa

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Emma Kraayenbrink, PharmD and Rachel I. Smith, PharmD, Site Coordinators

Additional Clinical Faculty:   Jessica Smith, PharmD, MPH, Kristen Timmerman, PharmD, and Josh Feldmann, PharmD

Mercy Family Pharmacy has been providing services in this city of 62,000 for nearly 100 years. Starting as a traditional corner drugstore, Mercy Family Pharmacies have grown to six community care sites, and one long-term care pharmacy in Dubuque and the surrounding areas. Mercy Family Pharmacy is uniquely integrated with Mercy Medical Center and community physician clinics to provide outstanding direct patient care.   Patient care services include medication therapy management through Iowa Medicaid and various Medicare Part D programs, an anti-coagulation clinic, and medication reconciliation.  Further opportunities for patient counseling and education include disease-state management for self-insured employers, heart failure program patient consultations, discharge counseling at Mercy Medical Center, and a collaborative practice with the local community health center.  Additional benefits include working with a staff that continues to advance the profession of pharmacy through their involvement in the community, college, local, state, and national pharmacy associations.    

Osterhaus Pharmacy, Maquoketa, Iowa

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Matthew OsterhausB.S. Pharm, Site Coordinator

Additional Clinical Faculty: Robert Osterhaus, BS Pharm; Marilyn Osterhaus, BS Pharm; Tammy Bullock, PharmD; Connie Connolly, BS Pharm; Angie Spannagel, PharmD; Farah Towfic, PharmD

Osterhaus Pharmacy is a family-owned community pharmacy committed to high quality personalized patient care, established in 1965, operating in a facility adjacent to a family practice clinic in Maquoketa. Approximately 6,000 patient lives are impacted by pharmacy services including ambulatory patients, long term care residents and hospice patients. The professional staff specializes in provision of medication therapy management to patients with asthma, diabetes, hypertension, hormone replacement therapy, hyperlipidemia and others.  Furthermore, the staff is involved in political, organizational, and regulatory venues within pharmacy at the state, local and national level. The site is approved to perform CLIA waived tests, administers all adult immunizations, and provides custom compounding. Programs to assist patients with smoking cessation and healthy weight loss are also available. In addition to pharmaceutical care, the practice provides drug information, durable medical equipment, and home medical-respiratory services (CPAP/BiPAP). Osterhaus has been part of the residency program since its inception.

CarePro Pharmacy, Mount Vernon, Iowa

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Amy Jackson, PharmD, BCACP, Site Coordinator
Additional Clinical Faculty:  Tricia Jones, PharmD, Jessica Jacobo, PharmD, and Michael Ernst, PharmD

CarePro Pharmacy has been providing pharmaceutical care to patients in Mount Vernon since 1995 and began participating in the residency program in 1998.  Large, well-designed areas allow the professional staff to provide quality care to a wide variety of patients.  CarePro Pharmacy offers specialized programs and services for patients with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis, and hypertension. The site also delivers immunizations, MTM services, a smoking cessation program, medication synchronization, and health coaching opportunities through the Worksite Wellness program.  CarePro Pharmacy offers an excellent opportunity to work closely with providers at two local physician offices. Elective experiences are available internally in nutraceutical wellness, compounding, home infusion, medical supply and business management.

Towncrest Pharmacy, Iowa City, Iowa

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Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, CGP, BCPS, Co-Owner, Residency Coordinator & Site Preceptor
Additional Clinical Faculty: Mike Deninger, BS, PhD, Kelly Kent, PharmD, BCPS, Bernie Cremers, BS Pharm, Denise Prybil, BS Pharm, Angela Lyons, PharmD, Kelly Richael, PharmD

Towncrest Pharmacy has been serving Iowa City and surrounding areas since 1963. Independently owned, it is located less than 10 minutes from The University of Iowa campus and the College of Pharmacy. The pharmacists and staff of Towncrest Pharmacy are recognized nationally for their high quality personalized patient care and innovative services. It is this reputation that has helped them build long-standing work relationships with other providers, businesses, and organizations in the community. Current patient care services at Towncrest Pharmacy include Medication Management Programs, Immunizations, Health Screenings and Risk Management Services, Disease State Education, Compliance Packaging Service, Medication Synchronization, Durable Medical Equipment consultations, and Compounding Services (PCAB accredited). Towncrest Pharmacy has also established and utilizes a quick clinical service to document drug therapy problems that are discovered during the dispensing process. In addition to these services, Towncrest works closely with several Supported Community Living organizations, Solon Nursing Care Center and Iowa City Hospice.