Pre-Pharmacy Admission

There are two primary application methods to the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. If you are a high school student interested in becoming a pharmacist, you could consider applying for Assured Admission. For current undergraduate students or future pre-pharmacy students that are not part of Assured Admission, follow the information found in the Undergraduate Pre-Pharmacy section below.

Assured Admissions

The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy offers an Assured Admission Program for high school students who are committed to pursuing a career in pharmacy. This program provides assured admission to the PharmD program for a select group of academically qualified high school applicants who know they wish to attend the University of Iowa.

Students who are admitted to the Assured Admission Program are guaranteed a seat in the University of Iowa PharmD program, pending successful completion of all prerequisite and PharmD application requirements. Typically, during the sophomore year, students in the Assured Admission program will complete an early decision application via PharmCAS and complete a face-to-face interview at the college. Once all requirements have been met successfully, students will enter in the the College of Pharmacy, usually after two years of undergraduate study in Pre-Pharmacy (see below) in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

In addition, Assured Admission students enjoy much more than simply a future spot in the professional pharmacy program. They receive the benefits of the Assured Admission experience, featuring mentoring, professional advancement opportunities, networking with pharmacists and scientists, and academic advising in the College of Pharmacy.

The deadline to apply for consideration for the Assured Admission program is January 29, with the initial class of students being selected on or around March 1.

If not accepted under the Assured Admission program, qualified applicants will remain in the Pharmacy Interest program withing the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and will be eligible to apply for competitive admission.

Undergraduate Pre-Pharmacy Students

Incoming first-year students interested in pursuing a PharmD should first apply for admission to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and declare an interest in pharmacy.

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To apply for the PharmD program at the UI College of Pharmacy, you must have had satisfactorily completed all pre-professional coursework, and at least 12 semester hours of general education electives.

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