Checklist for Incoming PharmD Students (P1) - Fall 2020

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Criminal Background Check

DUE: Upon acceptance of admission offer

As part of your conditional offer of admission, you must provide consent for the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy to view your criminal background screening report. The University of Iowa does NOT require the drug screening. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Paste this link into your browser:
  2. Enter the Code: CERTAACP2020 in the Application Station Code field.
  3. If you have not already created an account, click the "SIGN UP NOW" button.
  4. Follow the instructions on the Application Station website to complete your Background Investigation Consent forms.

NOTE: Failure to provide consent may result in failing to meet the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy's admissions requirements.

Contact Vernon Duba ( or +1 319 335 8847) for questions about Application Station.


Health Insurance Requirement


DUE: July 1

All students at The University of Iowa, including Pharmacy students, are required to have health insurance.

  • If Pharmacy students want to enroll in a University student health insurance plan, there are two plans from which health science students may choose (SHIP and UIGRADCare).
  • Otherwise, students must submit proof of health insurance coverage by July 1 to avoid being automatically billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).
  • START HERE (enrollment or proof of coverage): MyUI >> Student Information (top menu) >> Student Life Management section >> Student Insurance

For more information, contact the University of Iowa's Benefits Office at


Student Health Requirements for Health Science Students


DUE: July 15 (extended from May date)

Start this process NOW!  Some of these Student Health requirements will take longer to complete.  You can begin getting required records sent to Student Health, especially, if you have electronic records.

If you have any questions regarding these health requirements, contact University of Iowa Student Health directly at or by phone at 319-335-8390 (tell them you are a "Fall 2020 health science student in Pharmacy").


Technology and Virtual Learning Requirements

DUE: August 17

All students in the PharmD program must meet the technology and virtual learning requirements below. Requirements are subject to change as the curriculum and technology used in its delivery evolves.

Contact Lisa DuBrava ( or + 1 319 335 8695) for more information about technology or virtual learning requirements.


ICON (Iowa Courses Online) Course Invitation

OPEN: May 15


You will receive an email invitation to the ICON/Canvas course "Compliances - Class of 2024" at your University of Iowa email address, please accept it. Instructions to complete various requirements will be posted on the"Home" page and are due by the dates listed, which is BEFORE you arrive for Professional Engagement in Fall 2020.

  • START HERE: MyUI >> Home >> ICON >> Canvas Home (yellow ribbon) >> Compliances - Class of 2024
  • NEXT: Select Home (left side menu) >> select each 2020 module to be completed reading all instructions prior to completion.

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers


Iowa law requires documentation of current certification in basic cardiac life support through a training program designated for health care providers that includes hands-on training.

The College of Pharmacy accepts either of the following BLS training certification options:

  • American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life support (BLS) -- full classroom course
  • American Heart Association (AHA) HeartCode BLS -- blended learning course (online with a hands-on skills session)

TRAINING OPTION 1 (preferred):


TRAINING OPTION 2 (limited space):

Students may register for the AHA HeartCode BLS (on-site hands-on skills portion only) offered at the College of Pharmacy during Orientation/Engagement Week. Space is limited.

Contact Ms. Rita Schneider ( or +1 319 335 9112) with College of Pharmacy policy questions about AHA BLS for Health Care Providers regarding both full classroom and blended learning courses.

Contact Dr. Jeanine Abrons ( with questions about AHA HeartCode BLS training offered at the College of Pharmacy.


Compliance & Qualification (C&Q) Training


College of Pharmacy students are required to complete IPPE/APPE (Introductory/Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences) Patient Care Practicum Compliance Training with self-registration through the Compliance & Qualifications (C&Q) system (see below to get started).

There are seven training modules that take approximately nine hours total to complete, so get started as soon as possible beginning May 15.

  • START HERE:  ICON/Canvas >> Compliances - Class of 2024 for instructions and links to training (ICON/Canvas access instructions noted above).

Contact Rita Schneider ( or +1 319 335 9112) for questions about C&Q training.


Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) Training


The Iowa code defines some professionals as mandatory reporters. The Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) is responsible for developing and providing all training for mandatory reporters in Iowa. College of Pharmacy students are required to complete two Mandatory Reporter training modules to participate in IPPE/APPE (Introductory/Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences).

Each of the training modules is two hours long (4 hours for both modules).

  • START HERE:  ICON/Canvas >> Compliances - Class of 2024 for instructions and links to training (ICON/Canvas access instructions noted above).

If you need assistance with creating an account, logging in, accessing the training page or experience any issues with the training modules, please contact the Iowa State University (ISU) Service Training Team at:


Media Release


  • START HERE:  ICON/Canvas >> Compliances - Class of 2024 for instructions (ICON/Canvas access instructions noted above).

Contact Rita Schneider ( or +1 319 335 9112) for questions about media release information.


Orientation and Engagement Week

Engagement: Professional Skills & Values (PHAR:8131)

CLASS BEGINS: August 17, 2020

Class begins on Monday, August 17, 2020 for Orientation and the Engagement course for incoming P1 students. Complete all Engagement course assignments by the due dates as required by Dr. Jeanine Abrons for this course.

NOTE: Bring the following information with you to Orientation.

  • Social Security Number (SSN). International students may not have a SSN.
  • If you worked in a pharmacy or some other state licensed position, bring:
    • CPhT license number (certified pharmacy technician license), pharmacy support person, nurse, nurse aid, etc. Bring the license number for any professional license or registration.
    • Pharmacy name(s) and address(es) where you worked.
    • Pharmacy number (Every pharmacy has a number.  If you worked at more than one, please bring all of them.)
    • Exact date(s) of hire.

Contact Dr. Jeanine Abrons ( or +1 319 335 8795) with questions or for more information about the Engagement course.

Contact Rita Schneider ( or +1 319 335 9112) for questions about information to bring with you to Orientation.


White Coat Ceremony

DATE: August 22, 2020

Welcomes you to the pharmacy profession.  Family members are welcome to attend.

NOTE: Student attendance is required.


2020 - 2021 Seasonal Influenza Vaccination

COMPLETION PERIOD: September 1 - November 30, 2020

Influenza vaccination information is required for several reasons:

  • Patient safety.
  • Many experiential sites require an influenza vaccination unless there is a medical contraindication.
  • The College of Pharmacy is required to report influenza vaccination rate of its students to UIHC, which must report to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission.

START HERE:  ICON/Canvas >> Compliances - Class of 2024 for instructions (ICON/Canvas access instructions noted above).




PDF iconchecklist_for_incoming_pharmd_students.fall_2020.4.14.2020.pdf