The mission of the University of Iowa Doctor of Pharmacy professional (PharmD) program is to serve the state and society by educating broadly-prepared pharmacy professionals who deliver patient-focused and population-based care.

A Professional Engagement Period

First-year PharmD students are introduced to the profession and the college during a series of sessions, to make for a seamless transition into student life.

pharmacy classroom
Integrated Pharmacotherapy Courses

Each four- or five- week course focuses on a particular organ system or disease state. Courses are team-taught by faculty members from all academic divisions.

Students work in groups with instructor Kevin Moores helping from the sidelines
Active Learning Strategies

Instructors lecture less and use the freed-up class time to guide students as they dive more deeply into the material, often in small groups. 

Research & Specialization

PharmD students conduct research in small, faculty-led groups. Students have flexibility to earn dual degrees and additional specialization.

interprofessional education
Interprofessional Education

Pharmacy students team up with students from other health professions such as dentistry, nursing, public health, and medicine. 

Rachel Grolmus sits on a bench with tools of the trade in Belize
Real-Life Practice Experiences

PharmD students participate in real-life practice experiences in the U.S. and internationally, through the Professional Experience Program (PEP).

Quick Tip: For class schedules, electives, and other resources, look  on our Student Resources—PharmD page.