Every student is required to report his or her correct residential address at the time of registration each semester or session. Address changes must be submitted on ISIS or in person at the Office of the Registrar (Room 1 Jessup Hall). In addition, any change of residence made during the semester or session must be reported within three days to the Registrar's Office. Failure or refusal to comply with this regulation may result in restriction of registration. Reporting erroneous addresses is prohibited by the Code of Student Life and may result in disciplinary sanctions in addition to restriction of registration.

The current address must be reported to the University Registrar and must be the student's actual residing address. Reporting the parent's address is not acceptable unless the student is currently living at the parent's address or is enrolled in a study abroad program. Students interested in routing U-bills to the parent's address may do so on-line at ISIS by clicking on "Student Records" then "University Bill". Routing home a U-bill does not change the student's local address and does not satisfy the requirement to provide the Registrar with a current residential address.

With regard to electronic addresses, every student is required to register an e-mail address with the University of Iowa in order to remain enrolled. A student can update his or her target address via ISIS by clicking on "My UIowa," then "My Email," and "Update Email Routing Address." Official correspondence from the University may be sent to students by electronic mail. Each student is considered to be on notice of the information contained in University e-mail messages sent to the student's registered e-mail address.

  • The College of Pharmacy encourages persons with complaints about the Doctor of Pharmacy educational program to seek informal resolution of their complaints prior to initiating a formal process.

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