Teaching and Learning Curriculum for Residents and Fellows
PEPPR (Pharmacy Educators Preparation Program for Residents and Fellows)

The UI College of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science’s Teaching and Learning curriculum for residents and fellows—known as the Pharmacy Educator Preparation Program for Residents and Fellows (PEPPR)—prepares participants in the art and science of teaching and learning. The PEPPR Teaching and Learning Curriculum prepares participants to confidently and effectively identify the needs of learners as well as design, implement, and evaluate relevant educational activities with thoughtful instructional design.

1-Core Curriculum. 2- Teaching Experience 3-Mentoring. 4-Teaching Portfolio.
Participants will be prepared to educate diverse learners in both clinical and academic environments. Second-year participants (PGY2s and Fellows) will have additional experiences related to teaching and careers in academia (e.g., serving on college committees, assisting at the Instructional Design Workshop).


Features of the Program:

  1. Core curriculum, including instructional design and preceptor development workshops, and a monthly teaching and learning forum
  2. Hands-on teaching opportunities at the UI College of Pharmacy
  3. Connection to an academic mentor
  4. Development of a portfolio
  5. Continued growth for second-year participants (PGY2 Residents and Fellows)

Faculty Coordinators

Kashelle Lockman, PharmD, MA
Susan Vos, PharmD, FAPhA