Telephone services for the University of Iowa campus are being converted to Skype for Business.  Skype for Business is Microsoft's premiere Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. VoIP systems allow use of your computer and internet connection to place and receive telephone calls.

More Information about Skype for Business can be found on the ITS web site at  Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about this project.

Q) When will I get Skype for Business?

A) If you have a phone within the Pharmacy Building or PRL, you will be contacted by IT support staff to discuss and schedule the conversion of your phone.  Our goal is to convert all phones by the end of summer, 2018. 

Q) Will I retain the same phone number?

A) Yes. Your current campus phone number will be ported to Skype for Business.

Q) What kind of equipment will I receive to make calls from my office?

A) Most people will receive a professional-grade headset with microphone, which connects to your computer and will allow you to place and receive phone calls.  The current standard headset is a Plantronics C520-M, and users will have the option of either  monaural or binaural model .   Faculty and staff currently using the headset stated that it is easy to use, and frees up your hands so that you can use your computer while on a call.  The headset can also be used for video conferencing, Panopto recording, and/or listening to music. 

Faculty who choose not to accept the standard headset may choose to purchase a USB handset (Polycom CX300-R2) at their own expense.  The price for this model is currently $118.

A small number of people in shared offices or receptionist roles may require a wired handset not listed above.   These situations will be discussed on a case-by-case basis with supervisors and Pharmacy College leadership.  Note that all future equipment/device purchases are the responsibility of individual units.

Q) Are speakerphones available for Skype for Business? 

A) Yes. Speakerphones can be checked out from the College of Pharmacy Help Desk in room 133 PHAR.   If you want a speakerphone for yourself or your unit, you may purchase one of the standard models with the assistance of of Pharmacy IT support staff. 

Q) Where can I find training resources?

A) The following training resources have been made available:

Additional Questions?   Email us at