Purpose of the College of Pharmacy Student Leadership Council:

To facilitate fair operations among student organizations within the college of pharmacy (COP); to promote growth of student professionalism; and to represent the collective COP student body voice at the college-, university-, and state-levels.


Oversee the coordination and scheduling of all activities, fundraising, and meetings for all COP student organizations. Disperse university funds to the various organizations. Function as a liaison between the students, COP administration, the Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG), and Iowa Pharmacy Association. 

Executive Positions:

There are 5 elected SLC executive positions: President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian.
New officers are elected each Spring.

Class Officers:

There are 4 elected class officer positions for each class: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The function of the class officers is to represent their class at student leadership council meetings, raise funds for social activities, and plan and schedule these activities for the class. They bring issues to the student leadership council that have been raised by their class members. New officers are elected each Spring. P1 class officers are elected at the beginning of the Fall semester.


2020-2021 Student Leadership Council Officers:

President: Alexis Clouse
President-Elect: Jose Rodriguez
Vice President: Tiffany Le
Secretary: Emily Steimel
Treasurer: Caelee Batterson
Parliamentarian: CKari Starbeck

Class of 2021:

President: Loc Nguyen
Vice President: Megan Castellano
Secretary: Adrian Montero
Treasurer: Pat McFadden

Class of 2022:

President: Trey Van Hemert
Vice President: Spencer Munroe
Secretary: Ellen Peters
Treasurer: Tyler Wempen

Class of 2023:

President: Tanner Frey
Vice President: Molly Gavin
Secretary: Emily Leerar
Treasurer: Hoyt DeVolder