Student Leadership Council

The student leadership council for the College of Pharmacy:

  • Oversees activities of all the student organizations for the entire college
  • Oversees the coordination, and scheduling all of the activities, selling of items etc., for the various organizations
  • Disperse university funds to the various organizations based on submitted request and oversee the budgets.
  • Function as a liaison between the students, UISG, other student organizations, and administration.
  • Set policies for students and the organizations, assist administration with policy decisions, and help resolve issues that arise within the student body.

There are 4 elected positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. New officers are elected each Spring. Student Leadership Council Constitution

2016-2017 Student Leadership Council Officers:

President: Casey O'Connell
Vice President: Quinton Behlers
Secretary: Rachel Parry
Treasurer: Alexandra Carlson
President-Elect: Grant Jerkovich
Advisor: Richard Barajas

Class Officer:

Each class within the college of pharmacy elects class officers. The function of the class officers is to represent their class at student council meetings, raise funds for social activities, and plan and schedule these activities for the class. They bring issues to the student council that the have been raised by their class members. New officers are elected each Spring.

Class of 2017:

President:  Phi Tran
Vice President: Brandon Gerleman
Secretary: Kristin Dlouhy
Treasurer: Christine Butler

Class of 2018:

President: Matt Austin
Vice President: Nicholas Kayser
Secretary:  Christopher Petersen
Treasurer: Rachel Parry

Class of 2019:

President: Fischer Herald
Vice President: Grant Jerkovich
Secretary: Autumn Petersen
Treasurer: Abigail Neese

Class of 2020:

President: Margie Yassen
Vice President: Garrett Beck
Secretary: Lexi Thumann
Treasurer: Austin Miller