The student leadership council for the College of Pharmacy:

  • Oversees activities of all the student organizations for the entire college
  • Oversees the coordination, and scheduling all of the activities, selling of items etc., for the various organizations
  • Disperse university funds to the various organizations based on submitted request and oversee the budgets.
  • Function as a liaison between the students, UISG, other student organizations, and administration.
  • Set policies for students and the organizations, assist administration with policy decisions, and help resolve issues that arise within the student body.

There are 4 elected positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. New officers are elected each Spring. Student Leadership Council Constitution

2017-2018 Student Leadership Council Officers:

President: Grant Jerkovich
Vice President: Fischer Herald
Secretary: Autumn Petersen
Treasurer: Trang Dang
President-Elect: Austin Miller
Advisor: Richard Barajas

Class Officer:

Each class within the college of pharmacy elects class officers. The function of the class officers is to represent their class at student council meetings, raise funds for social activities, and plan and schedule these activities for the class. They bring issues to the student council that the have been raised by their class members. New officers are elected each Spring.

Class of 2018:

President:  Chelsea Meade
Vice President: Chloe Chabal
Secretary: Alexandra Carlson
Treasurer: Amanda Stefl
Honor Council: Samantha Alukas, Sarah Tortora, Jeni Carmody, Mackenzie Welsh

Class of 2019:

President: Joshua McDonald
Vice President: Kyle Lyons
Secretary:  Allison Russell
Treasurer: Abigail Sakellaris
Honor Council: Torey Kranau, Morgan Jacks, Marianne Westrick, AJ Hrubetz

Class of 2020:

President: Margie Yassen
Vice President: Lexi Thumann
Secretary: Dakota Hiner
Treasurer: Austin Miller
Honor Council: Kelsey Coffman, Kelsey Howland, Paul Scholbrock, Sonya Thiessen

Class of 2021:

President: Christine Lawson
Vice President: Matt Stahl
Secretary: Amanda Merck
Treasurer: Diana Foster
Honor Council: Sarah Greiner, Lyvia Bulman, Becca McCaughey