Student Technology Standards for the College of Pharmacy

The following technology standards are based on the Laptop recommendations from the ITS support website found here:

New Computer Purchases

When College of Pharmacy students are purchasing a new computer, they should consider the following frequently asked questions:

What is your price range?
Most new desktop and laptop computers will have more than enough computing power for your average computing needs. Typically students will need to do basic word-processing, internet browsing and run other basic applications. Depending on what you plan to do with the computer, it may not be necessary to spend thousands of dollars on the most powerful computer technology available. Computers used for intense research applications such as Matlab, SAS or other powerful research software will need more expensive hardware capabilities for performance. Most students will not need a computer necessary to run these kinds of applications.

Should I buy a desktop or laptop computer?
Laptops offer portability but are more expensive than desktop computers. If you plan on using your computer on campus, in class or with a study group frequently, a laptop will be more appropriate.

Should I go with Apple or Windows?
Either an Apple computer or a Microsoft Windows computer will work well for nearly every application that you will need as a student at the College of Pharmacy. It’s really a matter of personal preference as to which to use. Apple computers frequently have more software limitations when compared to Windows Computers, but both have Microsoft Office available. Research software is almost exclusively the realm of Microsoft Windows computers and Apple computers will fall short in their ability to run those sorts of applications.

What are your suggestions for hardware for a new computer purchase?

Please see the ITS support website found here:

Further questions

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Pharmacy Helpdesk at 319-335-8649 or e-mail at