Student Travel Information and Form

Each student in the College of Pharmacy is allocated $250 to be used for attendance at Collegiate approved Local and National Organization Meetings.

A “Trip” must always be established in order to process any travel related payments.   If you are not requesting reimbursement from the Dean’s funds, a trip does not need to be created.  If there is more than one person attending the same meeting, please submit all travel documents at the same time or at least have the person coordinating travel provide a list of those attending. 

Four basic items are necessary to complete the trip set-up. They are:

• Traveler’s Name and HawkID (not your university ID)

• Traveler’s Destination – and hotel information!

• Dates of Travel (please specify whether any of the dates listed are for personal travel/vacation)

• Purpose of Trip

You must notify Teresa Ahrens if you are requesting reimbursement from other Colleges so that duplicate trips are not created.

Once the trip has been created, you will receive an electronic pre-trip approval through Workflow that will come as an email message.  You are required to approve the trip and return an email message to Teresa Ahrens that the trip dates/destinations are correct and that you approve.  If you are employed by the University in any capacity, you will need to go into your “Employee Self-Service” page to approve the trip in Workflow.  Once approved, the trip will continue through the Workflow process.

You must provide proof of registration for the meeting/conference with method of payment as well as any other paid receipts that you are submitting for reimbursement using the $250.00 allocated by the Dean’s office.  If you are receiving funding from additional sources such as your student organization or ECGPS travel grants, Teresa must know this in advance of submitting for reimbursement. 

Conference registrations:  an official receipt must be obtained from the conference/professional organization in order to be reimbursed. A generic receipt (any receipt that does not have a preprinted or stamped conference/vendor name) is not sufficient as proof of payment. Expenses substantiated by a generic receipt will not be reimbursed unless accompanied by additional documentation. This may include one of the following:

  • Copy of back and front of a canceled check with your account information redacted
  • Check Carbon/Duplicate and bank statement
  • Credit card statement (with only the last four numbers of the card showing)
  • Letter or new receipt from conference confirming payment

All expenses requested for reimbursement must have method of payment included.  This means you will need to supply some of the same information as listed above (copy of back and front of cancelled check or receipt that indicates how you paid the expense and showing a zero balance).  Each traveler must provide his/her own individual payment receipts, e.g. registration, transportation, lodging, meals, etc. 

Hotel expenses – if there are multiple people sharing a room, please list all names and which credit card belongs to you.  The hotel folio (receipt) needs to show a zero balance after all travelers have made payment.

If a personal vehicle is used to travel to a meeting, only the person driving can be reimbursed for mileage.  No payments for fuel can be submitted unless it is for a rental vehicle.

Once the trip is completed the expenses will be loaded into the travel expense voucher associated with your trip. You will receive another email message indicating that you need to approve the expenses associated with that trip.  You will need to approve and send back a message to Teresa Ahrens indicating that you approve the expenses or again as a University employee approve the expenses through workflow.

All receipts need to be turned in to Teresa within two weeks of your return.

All travel related expenses must be completed through workflow within 120 days from the date of travel

Fill out a Student Travel Form