Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

The PharmD degree is earned through a four year professional program (taken after completing at least two years of pre-professional coursework).  The curriculum focuses on patient-centered, evidence-based practice and science.

PharmD/MPH Dual Degree Program

This program is intended to provide students special expertise in public health as related to pharmacotherapy and health promotion, disease prevention, and medication safety.

Professional Certificate in Palliative Care

This certificate program prepares PharmD students to practice as palliative care generalists upon graduation of the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.

How to Apply to Our PharmD Program

PhD in Pharmacy

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Pharmacy prepares graduates for research careers in pharmacy.

PhD in Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy degree program in clinical research, emphasizing the integration of clinical and basic research.

PhD in Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry

Doctor of Philosophy degree program in the chemistry and biology of drug discovery.

PhD in Pharmaceutical Socioeconomics

Doctor of Philosophy degree program with an interdisciplinary approach in studying healthcare on an economic/social-psychological basis.

PhD in Pharmaceutics

Doctor of Philosophy degree program in the areas of Physical and Applied Pharmaceutics, Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering, and Drug Disposition.

How to Apply to our Graduate Program

Post-Graduate Offering

Teaching and Learning Curriculum for Residents and Fellows

This program trains participants in the art and science of teaching and learning.


PharmD graduates may apply to a pharmacy residency program, including two programs administered through the UI College of Pharmacy.


Prospective Students