Current Residents

Elisha Andreas

2016 Graduate of the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy

Practice Site: Hy-Vee Drugstore, Iowa City

I have been involved in community pharmacy for the last 7 years and was drawn to a community residency because of the vast opportunities to provide advanced clinical services to a wide variety of patients.  Completion of a community residency will allow me to enhance my delivery of clinical services while keeping me at the forefront of the rapidly changing environment in community pharmacy.  The program at Iowa specifically interested me because of the opportunities to not only interact with a multitude of patients but to also have a role in academia through community driven research and instruction of student pharmacists.  I am excited for the next year at Hy-Vee Drugstore and to see my growth as a pharmacist.

Rebecca Halbur

2016 Graduate of Creighton University School of Pharmacy

Practice Site: CarePro, North Liberty

Working at a family-owned, independent pharmacy in Omaha had a huge impact on my idea of the type of care every community pharmacist should provide. This influence was one of the main reasons I chose the University of Iowa for my community pharmacy residency. Just like that pharmacy, the University of Iowa emphasizes innovation and comprehensive patient care as their foundation of practice. To me, this means going the extra mile for patients and always striving to improve our ability to care for those patients. The University of Iowa Community Pharmacy Residency Program is on the forefront of the evolving areas of our practice, helping define them rather than reacting to them. They have a long history of developing cutting-edge pharmacy services in the community setting and devoting the time and resources to make these services successful to better the care of patients. Being able to work together with and learn from those who have been shaping our profession for the past 20 years was an invaluable opportunity that I could not pass up. In addition, the University of Iowa Community Pharmacy Residency Program offers opportunities to mold the next generation of pharmacists through teaching and precepting with their nationally renowned College of Pharmacy. Ultimately, I chose the University of Iowa Community Pharmacy Program because I knew it would help me take my skills as a clinical pharmacist, teacher, and leader to the next level in a profession I care greatly about.

Robert Reed

2016 Graduate of Ohio Northern University College of Pharmacy

Practice Site: Osterhaus Pharmacy, Maquoketa

I feel very fortunate to be completing my residency with the Osterhaus family! My long-term career interests lie in independent community pharmacy ownership. As I explored residency programs, one of the aspects that made this opportunity stand out was the pharmacy's renowned reputation for innovative and high-quality patient care, as well as the partnership with the University of Iowa's College of Pharmacy. At the pharmacy, the community pharmacist resident is empowered to serve as a primary driving force for innovation and clinical service development. As the 20th pharmacy resident at Osterhaus, I have the distinct pleasure of standing on the shoulders of giants and unique opportunities to be on the forefront of advancing the profession. Until joining the Osterhaus Pharmacy team, I didn't fully appreciate the extent to which a community pharmacist's knowledge and skill sets could be maximized to improve the health outcomes of his/her patients. A community residency in Iowa is providing me with a launching pad toward becoming a clinical community pharmacist and change leader within our profession - it can be yours too! Go Hawks!

Jerica Singleton

2016 Graduate of University of South Florida College of Pharmacy

Practice Site: Mercy Family Pharmacy, Dubuque

It was the experiences I was privy to during my APPE rotations that solidified my pursuit for residency to ignite the beginning of my career as a pharmacist. As I started looking for residencies, I searched for sites that provided me with opportunities to expand on my community pharmacy knowledge, allowed me experiences teaching both patients and the next generation of pharmacists, and enhanced my development as a leader and advocate within our profession. I was fortunate enough to find all of this and more with the University of Iowa Community Pharmacy Residency Program. I was drawn to the collaboration of community and ambulatory care services I would be exposed to as well as the PEPPR teaching program and expansive opportunities for elective experiences. I am excited for all of the new adventures and lessons the next year brings at Mercy Family Pharmacy in Dubuque and the University of Iowa.

Chayla Stanton-Robinson

2016 Graduate of the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy

Practice Site: CarePro Pharmacy, Mount Vernon

The PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency Program at Iowa has given me an opportunity to grow my skills as an effective communicator and educator to both patients and healthcare providers. CarePro Pharmacy at Mount Vernon has a great rapport with the local physicians and sets up several elective opportunities within the community, such as anticoagulation management at a family medicine clinic. Additionally, my preceptors allow me the autonomy to develop my style as an independent practitioner while still offering constant support with anything I may need. During pharmacy school I gained a passion for mentorship and education, and during my residency search I loved how Iowa’s Community Pharmacy program could help me continue fostering these values. As an adjunct faculty member in the College of Pharmacy, I am given the chance to precept IPPE and APPE students, prepare and give therapeutics lectures, and complete the Pharmacy Educator Preparation Program for Residents (PEPPR). Overall, I knew that the Community Pharmacy Residency Program at Iowa would help me mature into a successful pharmacist with valuable skills I can take into any avenue of practice. I am proud to continue my pharmacy career here at Iowa – Go Hawks!