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Our Programs

The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy offers one of the most acclaimed and sought after educational experiences in the country.

Take a look at the academic programs offered by the college.

Why Iowa?

Located in peaceful yet culturally vibrant Iowa City, Iowa, we focus on producing top notch researchers and health care providers. Our community is close-knit and nurturing, so that our students can grow and be challenged.

Explore our site or visit us in person to find out why the UI College of Pharmacy and Iowa City could be for you.

PharmD Admissions

Visit our PharmD Admissions page to learn more about what it takes to join the college as a PharmD student.

Graduate Admissions

Visit our Graduate Admissions page to learn more about what it takes to complete graduate work at the college. Our programs are in these areas: clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutics, medicinal and natural products chemistry or pharmaceutical socioeconomics.  

Want to visit the College of Pharmacy?

The best way to learn about our program and everything we offer is to schedule a visit to our college.

To plan a visit to the college, email, or call (319) 335-8795.

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