All PharmD students are automatically enrolled in Professional Outreach and Development Societies (PODS).  PODS are divided into four smaller groups, called communities. The communities are named for a few of the college's formative leaders. Each PODS section pairs with a learning community in the Carver College of Medicine (CCOM) for networking and philanthropy. Below is a list of the PODS communities, as well as their sister community and service projects. 

Peer Mentor Coordinator: Emma Piehl and Tiffany Bui (assistant)

Boerner Community

CCOM Sister Community: Flocks
Philanthropies:  Mobile Clinic and Free Medical Clinic

  • Mayor - Shannon Powers
  • Mayor-Elect - Hoyt DeVolder
  • Social Chairs - Austin (AJ) Dollmeyer

Cooper Community

CCOM Sister Community: Bean
Philanthropies: Shelter House

  • Mayor - Sara Nezirevic
  • Mayor-Elect - Keitasha Arnold
  • Social Chair - Emma Piehl

Kuever Community

CCOM Sister Community: Boulware
Philanthropies: United Action for Youth

  • Mayor - Morgan Kimball
  • Mayor-Elect - Emoryan (Fev) Foxe
  • Social Chair - Caitlin Forrester

Teeters Community

CCOM Sister Community: McCowen
Philanthropies: Domestic Violence Intervention Program

  • Mayor - Kassidy Lawler
  • Mayor-Elect - Nathan Merten
  • Social Chair - Keirstin Broadway