What's the latest?

  • If you want to put a document on a page, we now have a sure-fire process to follow to do so. ITS is still researching and tracking the issue so they can get it working in a simpler way, but timing is uncertain.
  • The old version of our website has been removed by ITS. Visit the Wayback Machine to see it. You won't be able to log in to "find content" or use the search bar. However, the links should still work. If something is missing, we have a flash drive with the old site on it in the downstairs External Relations office (110).
  • If you had a problem controlling the crop of a banner/header image in the past, know that this issue has been fixed. Here is information in the guide about how to place a banner image in a page.

The current website launched Oct. 27, 2014.

Where is the former site?

Visit the Wayback Machine to see it. Once there, type in a date before Oct. 27, 2014 and pharmacy.uiowa.edu.

Do we have a test site?


You can sign in and use this as your sandbox to your heart's content without messing anything up on the regular site.

What has changed for web publishers?

We are back to normal operation. The new site is nearly same to update as the old site.

What if I missed the training or can't remember how to update a piece of content on the new site?

There is a guide for web publishers, which describes how to do update the site.

You may also view Adam’s web publisher training, which the Pharmacy IT Help Desk recorded for us. (When possible, we will add times to this so you know when certain topics are covered. The long-term plan is to improve the training guide with brief web snippets.)

If you still have problems, concerns, or snags, please email pharmacy-webmaster@uiowa.edu.

How do I know which pages I'm responsible for?

Feel free to browse around your assigned content area. If it's a division, poke around the division.

Here is Filea list of web publishers by area.

Also, we assigned each page an owner (called "author" in Drupal).

To see which pages you've been assigned so far:

  • Sign in to the website (pharmacy.uiowa.edu/user).
  • Click "find content" in the top gray horizontal bar.
  • Type in your HawkID in the "owner" field.
  • Voila! Your assigned pages appear.

If you don't agree with a page assignment, please email the pharmacy webmaster at pharmacy-webmaster@uiowa.edu.

I have a comment about someone in the directory on the test site.

Please also email such comments to the pharmacy webmaster.

Greg Schwartz and David Thole will be collecting these types of comments specifically, so please put in the subject line: "Directory", and then the rest of the subject line.

How is the new directory different from the current directory?

The prior directory is fed into our website from the main UI Phonebook.
The new directory comes from up to three sources depending on the person: 1) Employee Self Service, 2) an identity management system for the college, and 3) APR.

Web publishers and even webmasters no longer have the ability to edit people in the new directory.

  • If you want to add a person to a page and they don't exist in the directory, please contact the webmaster. We're trying to get away from creating a Basic Page for a person.
  • Faculty members have received guidance in an email from department heads with an attachment describing how they can use APR to update their profile on the COP website.
  • For staff members in the college, if you want to change information, you can do so through Employee Self Service. (You can even change your name there, as well as office information, etc.)

What's the history of how this current site came to be?

When we all met as a group in 2013 we were looking at a live mockup of the redesigned site. After that, the webmasters in this college (Barb, Greg, Anne & I) worked with our web developers to continue refining the site vision.

In November (2013), we got feedback initially from web publishers, and department and division heads. Earlier this year, a few of you served as web testers, trying to poke holes in the web developers' work to make it better. (Thank you!) This summer, an External Relations student (Nick) moved a lot of content into the new site from the old site. David Thole and Greg Schwartz put a new directory system in place on the new site, so that faculty can make updates to their profile pages by updating their APR. Pharmacy webmasters met with area content experts again -- people in charge of the new 5 main menu areas -- to perfect those areas once they were almost ready. Then Greg, Barb, and Viki from ITS met with department and division heads again very close to launch to make sure their areas were ready to go.