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Turning Technologies is discontinuing support for the current software product and replacing it with TurningPoint Cloud.  The new service will be available starting fall 2016, and students will be expected to use a personal device (phone/tablet/laptop) to participate in online polls.   Below is a list of common questions and answers (if available).

Q) Why are we moving to the TurningPoint Cloud service?
A) Turning Technologies is discontinuing the current standalone product and associated clickers. In addition, Office 2016 is not supported with the current software version

Q) Will physical clickers be available to students who do not have a personal device?
A) The College is not planning to offer a physical clicker device to students.  The replacement devices are very expensive, and difficult to use.

Q) How much will the TurningPoint Cloud service cost?
A) The service will be available to PharmD students at no cost during the 2016-17 academic year.  Students will be expected to pay for the service (up to $12 per year) thereafter.

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