Are you an undergraduate student at the University of Iowa? Do you want to pursue a career in an area related to the pharmaceutical sciences when you graduate? Consider enrolling in a course in the UI College of Pharmacy. Three certificate programs (all 16 semester hours) are offered to UI undergraduate students in areas related to Drug Delivery, Drug Discovery, and Drug Disposition and Metabolism.   Enroll Here

Certificate Descriptions

Undergraduate Certificate in Drug Delivery

Students will gain a basic understanding of key steps required for the successful development of a drug product; a foundational understanding of pharmaceutical material properties, mechanisms of pharmaceutical delivery, and drug action and disposition; and an integrative understanding of the relationship between a pharmaceutical product’s design, manufacture and its clinical success.

Undergraduate Certificate in Drug Discovery

Students will gain a basic understanding of the principles of drug action, discovery, design, metabolism and toxicology as they relate to the development of safe and effective drug therapies; a foundational understanding of the chemical and biochemical properties characteristic of successful drug compounds, along with an understanding of chemical characteristics that maximize drug availability and minimize toxicity; and an integrative understanding of the activities involved in the advancement of drug candidates into clinically successful drug products.

Undergraduate Certificate in Drug Disposition and Metabolism

Students will gain a basic understanding of key mechanisms of drug action, including the potential for toxic or undesirable activities; a foundational understanding of the metabolic processes which act to deactivate and eliminate drugs from the body and will possess the capability to quantitatively describe drug disposition patterns within the body to understand or predict exposure intervals; and an integrative understanding of the relationships that the evaluation and characterization of the pharmacologic properties of a drug have regarding the selection of promising drug candidates and their potential development as commercial drug products.

COP Undergraduate Student Handbook

To find out more, including about how to enroll, please email, or call (319) 335-9112.