What is ACCP?

  • A professional and scientific society that provides leadership, education, advocacy and resources enabling clinical pharmacist to achieve excellence in practice and research

What is UI-ACCP?

  • UI-ACCP is the University of Iowa American College of Clinical Pharmacy
  • We work to expose members to the field of clinical pharmacy through the support and promotion of research, outreach, service and education.
  • Our goal is to further develop our members’ interest and knowledge of clinical pharmacy practice and research to better prepare you for futures as residents, clinical pharmacists, fellows and/or researchers. 
  • UI-ACCP Website: http://uiaccp.wix.com/ui-accp

UI-ACCP Member Benefits:

  • Opportunities for professional service hours
  • Clinical pharmacist shadowing within our specialty shadowing network
  • Active involvement and leadership opportunities
  • 1 free PRNs (Clinical pharmacist specialty networks)
  • ACCP Travel awards to annual meeting ($250-1000)
  • Opportunity to participate in a clinical competition at the annual meeting
  • Online CV review service via licensed clinical pharmacists
  • Residency and fellowship directory
  • Pharmacotherapy journal subscription
  • Exploration of clinical pharmacy career pathways
  • Research Network
  • Industry, residency and research exposure
  • Case study series
  • Participate on committees and gain leadership experience
  • And more!

Become a Member:

  1. National dues are $40 and paid online at the AACP website while registering. Local chapter dues are $10.
  2. Select one (1) PRN to join. Each additional PRN is $20 if you select more than one.

2019-2020 Executive Board

President: Nicole Husebus
President-Elect: Ali Naraghi
Treasurer: Colton McConnell
Networking and Outreach Chair: Melissa Matcha
Professional Events and Service Chair: Brandon Hefel
Clinical and Research Competition Co-Chairs: Julie Nguyen and Chelsea Nguyen
Faculty Advisor: Erika Ernst