Dear Hawkeye Pharmacy family,

Dean Letendre

This past year has been unlike anything any of us has experienced in our lifetime. Let us hope humankind never again is called upon to endure a year like 2020.

While reflecting upon the past year, three qualities exhibited countless times by every member of the College family immediately come to mind: Creativity, Resilience, and Perseverance. Most assuredly these qualities were readily evident in the way new methods of educational delivery were developed, scientific inquiry was pursued, and patient care was delivered. Despite everything that was thrown at you, you drew upon those qualities. Your commitment to the highest professional ideals was on full display. And your actions gave rise to hope and optimism to those who were the beneficiaries of your professionalism. I exude tremendous pride in having witnessed the way in which the Hawkeye Pharmacy family repeatedly approached unprecedented challenges with a ‘roll-up-your-sleeves, let’s-get-it-done’ mentality. Unbridled words of praise to each and every one of you!

Fear, uncertainty, and hopelessness abound in today’s world. In response, it will be incumbent upon each and every one of you to continue to draw upon those special inner qualities that drove you in 2020. By doing so, you will serve as the beacon of light in 2021 that so many of humankind are yearning for.

With profound admiration and the sincerest of wishes for a personally fulfilling New Year,

Donald E. Letendre
Dean & Professor