The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Supporting positive mental health, community, and well-being in the learning environment is a priority for the University of Iowa and the College of Pharmacy. We are dedicated to life-long learning that sustains optimal health and connectedness. Every human has basic needs that must be met to be the best version of themselves. When students have a high sense of self-assuredness, health, and purpose they are more motivated and thrive personally and academically. Well-being is a value that extends to our faculty and staff. And, ultimately, patients receiving care from our population benefit.

In addition to the rich resources below, as a UI student you have free access to LinkedIn Learning, with courses in well-being, self-care and more. Click the Learning icon in the upper right corner of your LinkedIn page.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
UI College of Pharmacy Student Eight Dimensions of Student Well-being Wheel