Keeping Connected

Healthy relationships foster positive mental health and are key to well-being. Connections provide a sense of belonging, reduce loneliness, and provide support during difficult times. They can also lower rates of anxiety and depression and boost self-esteem.  

The College of Pharmacy has PharmD Professional Outreach and Development Societies (PODS). Each society is made up of students, faculty, and practitioners to stimulate connections and engagement opportunities.

We also offer 18 different professional organizations that connect you to fellow pharmacy students, both at the University of Iowa (UI) and around the country, and build life-long relationships. Group meetings may include health and well-being topics. Joining one or more of these organizations is not only socially fulfilling, but also a fantastic way to gain profession-related experience, and network with individuals already working in your chosen field to gain mentorship and help with your career. 

The UI as a whole has an abundance of resources about graduate student life. Get involved in the graduate student senate, take in a show at FilmScene on $4 Fridays, or join the Stanley Campus Council for monthly themed meetups at the spectacular Stanley Museum of Art. 

Check out the many activities for all students on the College's events calendar

Ideas for Engaging with Others to Build Social Relationships
UI College of Pharmacy PhD Students Attending Conference
UI College of Pharmacy Professional Community Enjoying a Taco Bar
UI College of Pharmacy Team at NCPA Good Pharmacy Pruitt-Schutte Competition 2022