Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Program

The mission of the University of Iowa Doctor of Pharmacy program is to serve the state and society by educating broadly prepared pharmacy professionals who are capable of and committed to delivering both patient-focused and population-based care.

The transformative, patient-focused, student-centered Learning and Living Curriculum kicked off in the fall of 2015. Some unique elements of the curriculum: 

  • A Professional Engagement Period: First-year PharmD students are introduced to the profession and the college during a series of sessions, to make for a seamless transition into student life.
  • Integrated pharmacotherapy  courses: Each four- or five-week course focuses on a particular organ system or disease state. Courses are team-taught by faculty members from all four academic divisions in the college.
  • Active Learning Strategies: Instructors lecture less and use the freed-up class time to guide students as they dive more deeply into the material, often in small groups. 
  • Professional discovery projects: Across their PharmD years, students collaborate in small groups on a research project. A faculty member leads each group as they use the scientific process, develop a project, and present findings. 
  • Interprofessional education: Pharmacy students collaborate closely with other health sciences students. 
  • Ability to specialize: Flexibility is built into the curriculum for students seeking dual degrees and additional specialization.

The new curriculum is being phased in with each new class of first-year students. Students at all levels of the PharmD program participate in real-life practice experiences, through the Professional Experience Program (PEP).

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