March 20, 2017
Jasmine Mangrum, a Doctor of Pharmacy and Masters of Public Health student, was selected as a 2017-18 Fulbright U.S. Student Award Finalist.
March 07, 2017
Researchers at the College of Pharmacy were recently issued a patent for their work on a novel and innovative nanoparticle formulation of chemoimmunotherapies for treatment of cancer, "Biodegradable Particulate Formulations."
March 02, 2017
Brett Barker of Nevada, and Gayle Mayer, from Spirit Lake, were appointed to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. Barker is a 2008 graduate of the College of Pharmacy, who serves on the Genesis Board, and is an adjunct assistant professor. Mayer is an adjunct instructor for the college.

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flu vaccinations were given by University of Iowa College of Pharmacy students in fall 2016.
preceptors enrich the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, in 20 states and five countries.
commercial prescription drug products produced or tested though UI Pharmaceuticals in the past 7 years.
of Iowa’s 99 counties have graduates from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy practicing.


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