May 22, 2017
Rampant use of antibiotics in our society has led to an ever-growing number of “superbugs”: drug-resistant bacteria. By using antibiotics optimally – called stewardship – Erika J. Ernst and her team are slowing down superbugs.
May 15, 2017
Mousa Abuissa fell in love with the University of Iowa when he first visited Iowa City. Now, he has earned two degrees from the institution - a Bachelor of Arts in music and a Doctor of Pharmacy.
May 13, 2017
The great-great-great granddaughter of Emil Boerner—a founder of what is now the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy—graduated from this same college on May 11.

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flu vaccinations were given by University of Iowa College of Pharmacy students in fall 2016.
preceptors enrich the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, in 20 states and five countries.
commercial prescription drug products produced or tested through UI Pharmaceuticals in the past 7 years.
of Iowa’s 99 counties have graduates from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy practicing.


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