1885 Society

The State University of Iowa began to educate pharmacists through its newly established Department of Pharmacy in 1885. The 1885 Society was created in tribute to that significant chapter from our past.

The 1885 Society helps continue a long and rich history of high quality education and training by creating a link to students that provides unique and personal opportunities for mentoring and professional development. We invite you to join the 1885 Society, a recognition club for our most loyal and engaged alumni and friends.

Alumni who join the organization will have many exciting opportunities, including witnessing the college's efforts to be the first in the nation to have all of its students become active members of the State professional organization, participating in the "White Coat Ceremony" where new students are welcomed to the profession, assisting the creation of practitioner-student mentoring "teams" to facilitate lasting personal bonds, and helping plan special social events that generate opportunities to maintain or build new friendships and be reunited with former classmates.

Honor Club Levels

1885 Society Boerner Founders Level: Givers of $1,885 or more. 
This level is named in honor of the college's founding dean.

1885 Society Cooper Legacy Level: Givers of $1,000 through $1,884.
This level is named in honor of Zada Cooper, who was the college's first female faculty member—and one of the first in the nation.

1885 Society Zopf Leadership Level: Givers of $500 through $999.
This level is named in honor of Louis Zopf, one of the college's most beloved deans, who oversaw construction of the first College of Pharmacy building on the health-sciences campus.

1885 Society Apothecary Guild Level: Givers of $185 through $499.
This is named in honor of all pharmacists.

Gifts to the College of Pharmacy for the 1885 Society can be made outright or in the form of pledges payable over several years.  You can use cash, marketable stocks or mutual fund shares, or retirement plan assets; many forms of giving offer significant tax benefits.