Pharmacists are medication experts that are found in many settings, including hospitals, doctors' offices, outpatient clinics, and community pharmacies.
For some faculty members, their research laboratories are these types of "pharmacy practice" settings. They study how pharmacy practitioners can improve care for patients and groups of patients, and improve health care systems.
Practiced-based research creates additional roles for pharmacists. It also leads to new services for patients related to their medications. Researchers' work in this area leads to improved patient-centered, team-based care delivery across a variety of settings.
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Researchers in This Area

  • Design and develop new pharmacy services and interventions
  • Assess whether pharmacists’ interventions are effective
  • Implement innovations and new services across pharmacy settings
  • Assess health policy to ensure pharmacists can best serve patients
  • Study how patients can use medications more safely
  • Investigate pharmacists’ roles on patients’ healthcare teams

Researchers in Action

  • Jim Hoehns studied how well promising treatments for COVID-19 worked for groups of people.
  • Brett Faine, an emergency room pharmacist, was part of a group studying how to reduce the risk of front-line workers contracting COVID-19.
  • Korey Kennelty received a grant to see whether removing high-risk medications from older adults' regimens leads to them falling less.
  • Michael Ernst was the only pharmacist on an international research study (ongoing in another form) that concluded low-dose aspirin may do more harm than good in healthy older adults.

Practice-Based Researchers

Chapman, Cole

Bettering Patient-Centered Decision Making

Cole Chapman
Assistant Professor

William Doucette

Identifying Best Practices for Pharmacies

William Doucette
Deborah K. Veale Professor in Healthcare Policy

Erika Ernst

Slowing Down Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Erika Ernst
Associate Professor

Michael Ernst

Promoting Safe and Effective Medication Use

Mike Ernst
Clinical Professor 

Brett Faine 2020

Helping Prevent COVID-19 in Healthcare Workers

Brett Faine
Clinical Associate Professor

Amber Goedken

Evaluating Young People’s Health Care Journeys

Amber Goedken
Associate Professor and
Interim Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Jim Hoehns

Helping Ease COVID-19-Related Breathing Troubles

Jim Hoehns
Clinical Associate Professor