We pride ourselves in providing Doctor of Pharmacy students with the professional clinical foundation of pharmacist practice -- teaching the fundamentals of Pharmacotherapy decision-making, broadening one’s understanding of the impact of social, behavioral, and economic factors on patient outcomes, and giving student pharmacists controlled and diverse experience as a clinician. 
--Jay Dean Currie,
 Department Chair
About Us

Pharmacy Practice and Science offers the creation of new knowledge through scientific discovery and practice innovation. Clinical faculty make up the largest group of this department, delivering instruction to the Doctor of Pharmacy program and providing professional service activities that range from clinical practice to leadership positions in national and state organizations.   Faculty are also involved in public service activities such as the UI Mobile Clinic.  

Health Services Research faculty are also housed in this department.  They examine and identify the most effective ways to organize, manage, finance, and deliver high-quality care, reduce medical errors, and improve patient safety.  Health Services Research also offers a PhD program using an interdisciplinary approach to study behavior and choices in health care with an economics and social-psychological theoretical basis.

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Increase in Grants and Contracts, 2018-2020


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