Your Curriculum - Your Future

Pharmacy students participate in a comprehensive curriculum that creates building blocks for success as a practicing pharmacist. 
The state-of-the art building allows students to actively engage with their instruction, instructors, and classmates. The college's close proximity to other healthcare colleges and  University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) allows students to engage in inter-professional experiences with students and practitioners from many disciplines. Student pharmacists have many opportunities to engage in activities outside of the standard curriculum to further their personal and professional development.

First Year

The first year as a pharmacy student is focused on creating a foundation of knowledge and skills to build on. Students have early exposure to a pharmacy career when they observe practicing pharmacists in a variety of settings. 

Second Year

Second year pharmacy students immerse themselves in Integrated Pharmacotherapy courses. These courses, organized by disease state or organ system are the bridge between the first year of foundational knowledge and the fourth year when students apply their knowledge.

Students participate in real-life pharmacy experiences in a community and hospital setting during their second year as well.

Third Year

During the third year, pharmacy students continue to immerse themselves in the Integrated Pharmacotherapy courses. The associated hands-on skills training activities create a bridge between knowledge and application. Third-year students spend some time with fourth year students on rotation and practice developing and presenting a patient case.

Early into the Spring semester, students have the opportunity to customize their education with professional electives, dual degree or certificate coursework, or early fourth-year practice experiences.

Fourth Year

Students in their fourth year put the previous three years into practice in real-life pharmacy experiences. Students are fully immersed in the life of a pharmacist as they complete rotations in a variety of settings. Students can customize their education with these rotations according to their interests or career goals.

Graphic detailing PharmD curriculum from start to finish

Curriculum At-a-Glance

See an overview of the four-year curriculum.

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Personalize Your Path

Personalize your education through dual degrees, certificates, and elective courses.

Graduates with diplomas

PharmD Learning Outcomes

Students will become medication experts who pursue roles as practitioners, scientists, technologists, activists and entrepreneurs. They will have a broad perspective that includes knowledge of healthcare systems, policy, and practice in local, national, and international settings.

Pharmacy Practice Lab Center

Hands-On Skills Training

Learn skills in the award-winning Pharmacy Practice Learning Center.

Students develop and practice skills such as giving immunizations and counseling patients during a five-part course series: Foundations of Pharmacy Practice I & II and Applications of Pharmacy Practice I, II, & III.

Student on APPE

Real-life Pharmacy Experiences

Use your developing knowledge and skills during the Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences.

Pharmacy students get real-life pharmacy experience as they participate in Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) during the first three years and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) during their final year.

There are many opportunities to expand your horizons and further develop as a professional.  

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Service, Advocacy, and Development

Make an impact on your community, profession, and your own professional growth.

Pharmacy students have participated in diverse international experiences including yearly service trips to Xicotepec, Fulbright educational opportunities, and rotations in the final year.

Student in Xicotepec

Global Opportunities

Experience the world outside of Iowa and the United States.