The University of Iowa has been named a top producer of Fulbright student for the sixth consecutive year.  When measuring the ratio of applicants to winners, the UI ranks first in the nation with nearly 50% of its applicants receiving awards.

The UI College of Pharmacy's ever-expanding global reach advances research, scholarship, and service around the world.
Students have the opportunity to learn about and work in global pharmacy practice.


Fourth-year College of Pharmacy students (P4s) are required to complete a series of five-week practice experiences for credit. Six core international rotations are offered. Additional rotations are periodically offered. Faculty member Ronald Herman has taken UI students to Kenya, Nicaragua, Belize and Ethiopia through Global Health Outreach (GHO). The organization assembles medical teams to provide primary health care services in underserved areas.

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Service Learning

Third-year students may opt to spend winter or spring break caring for patients in underserved countries. College of Pharmacy students frequently participate in a UI-Rotary service project to treat children with intestinal parasites in Xicotepec, Mexico, after taking a three semester hour class. Students have also learned about palliative care in India through International Programs India Winterim program. Others have joined alumnus Patrick Keefe on mission trips to rural Uganda.

Pharmacy is an altruistic profession, and while we carry that every day in our practice we need to expand our vision and seek out places where we can help people who are less fortunate.

-Pat Keefe, '69 BSPh