Pharmaceutics researchers examine the development, production and characterization of dosage forms, as well as the disposition and action of drugs in the body.

Our faculty focus on physical pharmacy, dosage form development and performance, and industrial/manufacturing pharmacy, as well as the pharmacokinetics and of drugs and biological molecules. They are actively engaged in research at the molecular, biochemical, cellular, and whole body level. Faculty researchers also investigate:

  • Drug delivery and tissue engineering
  • Drug disposition and dynamics
  • Physical and applied pharmaceutics

Areas of Research

  • Biodegradable polymeric delivery systems
  • Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics
  • Solid-state desolvation kinetics
  • Micellar catalysis
  • Peptide & peptide conjugates
  • Powder compaction properties
  • Novel drug & gene delivery systems
  • Chemical & physical stability of drug formulations
  • Liposomal formulations
  • Characterization and formulation of therapeutic proteins
  • Nasal drug delivery
  • Drug metabolism
  • MIcrofabrication techniques
  • Idiosyncratic drug reactions
  • Adsorption processes
  • Drug product design
  • Tissue engineering
  • Vaccines
  • Cancer research
  • Protein aggregation

Faculty in Pharmaceutics