Formulating and Delivering Effective Therapeutics

Complementing our curriculum, students may select from a rich portfolio of research areas to pursue. Our research environment is highly collaborative and multidisciplinary with innovative research projects and world-class facilities. The new College of Pharmacy Building was completed in 2019 and equipped with spacious laboratories, cell culture facilities, advanced analytical instrumentation, and well-appointed student offices. 

Pharmaceutics faculty are actively engaged in solving critical healthcare challenges related to mechanisms of drug absorption, physiologic distribution, and elimination; improved therapeutic performance through targeted drug delivery or alternative routes of administration; material discovery and development; compatibility and optimization for formulation design; and materials processing for improved drug product manufacturing.  Active areas of research are highlighted below, and for further details, please refer to the individual faculty profiles. 

Areas of Research

  • Advanced manufacturing methods
  • Cell-based therapies
  • Chemical and physical stability of drug formulations
  • Crystal engineering and novel solid-form discovery
  • Formulating protein pharmaceuticals
  • Nano- and microparticle drug delivery
  • Nasal drug delivery
  • Novel drug and gene delivery systems
  • Particle engineering
  • Pharmaceutical materials science
  • Physical pharmacy
  • Population pharmacokinetic modeling
  • Protein aggregation
  • Quantitative systems pharmacology
  • RNA and DNA drug delivery
  • Tissue engineering
  • Transdermal drug delivery
  • Vaccine design and development

Faculty in Pharmaceutics

Reza Nejadnik

Exploring Protein Pharmaceuticals

Reza Nejadnik
Associate Professor

Lewis Stevens

Better Medicines by Material Design

Lewis Stevens
Associate Professor