Student Pharmacist works with Pharmacist at Nucara Pharmacy

Applied Clinical Sciences Academic Division

Division Head: James Hoehns, Clinical Associate Professor
Assistant Division Head: Matthew Cantrell, Clinical Associate Professor
Assistant Division Head: Michelle Fravel, Clinical Associate Professor
Assistant Head - Scholarly Activity: Michael Ernst, Clinical Professor

Applied clinical sciences (ACS) pharmacists use their knowledge to help patients. They work closely with doctors and nurses to make sure people get the right medications and use them safely. They also study how drugs affect the body and help find better ways to treat diseases.

Clinical faculty make up the largest group of Pharmacy Practice and Science, delivering instruction to the Doctor of Pharmacy program and providing professional service activities that range from clinical practice to leadership positions in national and state organizations. Faculty are also involved in public service activities, such as the UI Mobile Clinic.

“ACS faculty are standout educators, clinicians, and leaders who practice pharmacy in diverse settings.  Their contributions to scholarship and clinical research advance patient care and the profession.”
-James Hoehns

Clinical Practice Faculty

SOLACE Palliative Care Collaborative

Postgraduate Residency Programs 

UI College of Pharmacy Instructor Rachel Hoskins conducts interview for Health Services Research

Health Services Research Academic Division

Division Head: William Doucette, Deborah K Veale professor in Healthcare Policy

The field of health services research (HSR) focuses on understanding how health care is delivered and its effects on patients, practitioners, and payers. Typically working on interdisciplinary teams, HSR examines various aspects of health care, such as the organization and delivery of services, the effectiveness of different treatments, and the impact of health-care policies.

"HSR faculty conduct their research by utilizing a variety of methods, including analyses of administrative data, randomized controlled studies, surveys and mixed methods approaches."
-William Doucette

By identifying the best ways to organize, manage, finance, and deliver high-quality care, HSR’s findings can reduce medical errors and help policymakers, doctors, and health-care organizations make informed decisions to enhance the quality, affordability, and accessibility of patient care.

Health Services Research Faculty

Health Services Research Graduate Program

Midwest Social and Administrative Pharmacy Conference

June 17-19, 2024