Driving Healthcare Innovation:

Pioneering Complex Solutions to Improve Patients' Lives

UI College of Pharmacy researchers and their teams probe diverse fields of pharmacy. They ask questions such as:

  • How can we create new and better medicines, and new ways of delivering them?

  • If something in nature has disease-fighting properties but is in limited supply, can we recreate its molecular blueprint using more common materials and have more to work with?

  • How can we support the community pharmacists who want to do cutting-edge work for patients, but who insurance companies won't pay for those extra efforts?

  • What are the most successful pharmacists doing to keep medications safe, affordable, and effective for their patients? How can this be replicated worldwide?

Research Areas

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Research and Manufacturing

Sara Wiedenfeld with a patient

Pharmacy Practice

Faculty members research safe and effective medications and its delivery on patients and patient populations. Their goal? To improve healthcare.

A staff member of UI Pharmaceuticals in sterile lab gear at work

UI Pharmaceuticals

UI Pharmaceuticals is the largest and most experienced university-affiliated FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the United States that produces both sterile and non-sterile dosage forms.

High Throughput Screening Facility

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