2024 Zada Cooper Leadership Symposium

Thank you to all who attended the 2024 Zada Cooper Leadership Symposium on May 4. 

View and download photos from the event here.

About the Symposium

Leadership is very much a part of Iowa's healthcare history. Dating back to the early days of pharmacy education, the University of Iowa cultivated pioneers. One of those remarkable leaders was Zada Mary Cooper (1875–1961), who graduated from the UI College of Pharmacy in 1897, and continued as a faculty member until retiring in 1942.

A master teacher, mentor, and innovator, Cooper was one of the founders of the Women’s Section of the American Pharmacists Association, founder of Kappa Epsilon Fraternity and the Rho Chi Society, and secretary of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy from 1922 to 1942. She advocated for women in pharmacy, for patients, and to strengthen standards in pharmacy education.

The Zada Cooper Legacy of Leadership strives to:

  • Inspire others to engage and model inclusive leadership;
  • Encourage all healthcare providers to become involved in their profession and community;
  • Increase awareness of current and emerging leadership challenges;
  • Facilitate and promote connections – students, residents, and practitioners to engage in informal conversation with leaders;
  • Inspire participants to reach out to become compassionate and inclusive leaders; 
  • Introduce varying leadership pathways and thoughts on leadership;
  • Collaborate and build diverse networks.

The College of Pharmacy is grateful to Floyd and Judith Domer, who established the Domer Distinguished Visiting Lectureship in 2019 to support the College's mission by inviting leading experts to speak on specialties, including pharmacy policy, pharmaceutical discovery, leadership development, and entrepreneurship.



Nancy AlvarezBrianne Bakken
Beth BirdKelly Brock
Gretchen BrummelJannet Carmichael
Melissa CorriganJulie Cunningham
Lisa GersemaPhil Greazel
Metta Lou HendersonBarbara Kelley
Holly LauerChelsea McIntire
Emmeline PaintsilKayla Sanders
Kathryn SmithJenelle Sobotka
Susan VosEmily Weyenberg
Michele WilliamsSusan Winckler


Zada Cooper Student Leadership Award

The Zada Cooper Student Leadership Award honors student leaders who have contributed significantly, through their leadership, to the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy during their time as a Doctor of Pharmacy student or PhD student.  Students are not recognized solely based on an office or position held but for the breadth and depth of their leadership. Congratulations to the following Zada Cooper Leaders!



  • Kelly Vu, PharmD Student
  • Sanika Jadhav, PhD Student
  • Mark Nagel, '24 PharmD
  • Pornpoj (Jay) Phruttiwanichakun, PhD Student
  • Jilene Haas, '24 PharmD


  • Valeria Cota, PhD student
  • Emily Gajda, '23 PharmD
  • Emily Paulus, '23 PharmD
  • Sanjib Saha, '23 PhD


  • Guadalupe Chavez, '21 PharmD
  • Logan Murry, '17 PharmD, '22 PhD
  • Bibiana Ruiz Granado, '21 PharmD


  • Ahamed Ahamed, '19 PharmD
  • Terra Acri, '19 PhD
  • Meredith Lumberg, '21 PharmD


  • Anh-Vu Do, '18 PhD
  • Mohammed Fredericks, '20 PharmD
  • Quinn Li, '18 PhD
  • Autumn Petersen, '19 PharmD