Professional Outreach and Development Societies (PODS) at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy foster leadership, professionalism, learning and service opportunities for past, present and future student pharmacists. PODS facilitate peer-to-peer support and promote peer-to-peer education. Each society is made up of students, faculty, practitioners, and alumni to provide interactions and networking opportunities.

These interactions are intended to aid in quality, collaborative education and the networking opportunities are designed to cultivate a growing profession. They are also are intended to increase the exchange of information between, and rapport with upper and lower classmen, increase the amount of faculty-student interpersonal relationships and provide student pharmacists with exposure to a diverse and cultured array of practitioners.


The Professional Outreach Development Societies (PODS) mission is to create an environment within the college promoting our four pillars of education: Fellowship, Service, Professionalism, & Learning.

  • Fellowship – From orientation to commencement, the community learning structure is designed to foster relationships between all students, regardless of their year in school.  PharmD students should feel comfortable from the minute they step foot in the classroom and feel connected to the college when they graduate.
  • Service –  Communities will take part in philanthropy and service projects, modeling collaboration, and service to others.  
  • Professionalism – This is a key characteristic of all students in a professional program, as well as all pharmacists.  Students are encouraged to model and promote professionalism -- including inter-professional activities with the Carver College of Medicine learning communities.    
  • Learning – The community-learning environment will allow for greater fellowship within the college, bringing about a spirit of respect, support, and appreciation of one another.  


All PharmD students are automatically enrolled in Professional Outreach and Development Societies (PODS).  PODS are divided into four smaller groups, called communities. The communities are named for a few of the college's formative leaders. 

Boerner P1s and Kevin Dong

Boerner Community

Mayor - Ethan Schultz

Mayor-Elect - Anna Sprenger

Social Chair - Beca Gengler

Cooper P1s

Cooper Community

Mayor - Sarah Hou

Mayor-Elect - Maddie Yenter

Social Chair - Chris Xu

Kuever Softball Cheer

Kuever Community

Mayor - Peyton Cuddeback

Mayor-Elect - Kristina Dibert

Social Chair - Taylor McIntosh

Teeters Softball

Teeters Community

Mayor - Meghan Schick

Mayor-Elect - Sarah Canfield

Social Chair - Arin Chinchilla

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program pairs current PharmD students with incoming P1s. This allows current students to answer questions and offer advice to help the P1s have a smooth transition into the College of Pharmacy. Current students are important role models and can assist in retention and academic success by helping to provide a support system and building a sense of community among students.

Peer mentor relationships provide important academic and career guidance by creating an outlet where first-year students can learn about experiences, resources, professional communication skills, and tips for doing well in classes from seasoned peers.

Peer Mentor Coordinator: Abby Crowner