Charles Iles

Charles Iles, PharmD Class of 2025

Doctor of Pharmacy student Charles Iles, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, did not know what to expect during his admissions visit at the University of Iowa. According to Iles, he was quickly “welcomed with open arms and had an opportunity to see what Iowa was truly about.” On his visit, it was the culture of Iowa City that really stood out.

“It was apparent the culture of Iowa City is reflected around the nationally-ranked university and what this place means to the community. As soon as I arrived in Iowa City, a sense of pride ensued as everyone rallies around the university and major healthcare system within the city. That pride and the brand-new pharmacy building had a lasting impact on my visit. For these reasons, I knew I wanted to study to become an expert in drug therapy here at Iowa.”

Sanika Jadhav

Sanika Jadhav, PhD Student

When choosing a university to pursue her PhD, first-year graduate student Sanika Jadhav was drawn to Iowa City’s cultural atmosphere.

“Iowa City is a great place to live in. I feel very safe and comfortable here. It has a friendly atmosphere, and a ‘big city’ feel with calm and peaceful surroundings. I enjoy exploring new places in town such as performance venues and art galleries and meeting new people from diverse cultures. People in Iowa City are very helpful and kind which gives me an abundant sense of larger community.”

Amanda Merck, P4

Amanda Merck, '21 PharmD

Originally from West Des Moines, Iowa, Amanda knew she wanted to stay in-state to attend pharmacy school. And she knew by attending the UI College of Pharmacy, she’d receive a quality education. 

“The University of Iowa is known for its quality health sciences graduate programs and Iowa is a great place to live. The ‘midwestern kindness’ is really a thing! The environment of Iowa City is big enough to feel like a city, but small enough to feel like you belong to a community.”

Milagro Michels-Cordao

Milagro Michels-Cordao, PharmD Class of 2023

Doctor of Pharmacy student Milagro Michels-Cordao knew she always wanted to work in the medical field. Her decision to attend pharmacy school at University of Iowa was an easy one. She fell in love with the University of Iowa campus after attending the UI for her undergraduate studies and loved how integrated healthcare is within the UI professional schools.

“I also love that the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is such a big part of our curriculum because it allows us so many more opportunities for experience as well as having active healthcare professionals as our faculty.”

Joseph O'Brien, PhD Candidate

Joseph O'Brien, '20 PhD

O’Brien’s research has flourished since he chose the UI College of Pharmacy for his PhD program. He was able to participate in research immediately after coming to Iowa, and some of his work was published during his first year of graduate studies.

Since completing his Doctor Philosophy in Fall 2020 in Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry, he continues work down the path of drug discovery. With the experience gained from the UI College of Pharmacy in both academia and industry, O’Brien is certain he’ll find a place to grow further as a scientist.

Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez, PharmD Class of 2023

One of the many reasons Doctor of Pharmacy student Jose Rodriguez chose Iowa for his undergraduate studies and pharmacy school was its “close-knit community vibes.” Originally from the South Side of Chicago, Rodriguez’s parents moved the family to the suburbs (Channahon, Illinois) to pursue a better education for Rodriguez and his older sister. Growing up, he loved Channahon, and Iowa City’s close-knit feel reminds him of home.

“Despite having around 40,000 students on campus, Iowa still felt like I was back home, especially with the way everyone is so genuine. Since my parents were born in Mexico and immigrated here, I am considered a first-generation student. Not knowing the pressures of college, I wanted to feel comfortable wherever I would end up. The campus and downtown area are so closely connected it’s easy to study with friends and then walk down the road and get lunch with them! I can say with full confidence that Iowa is my home away from home.”

Emily Vyverberg

Emily Vyverberg, '09 PharmD

Emily Vyverberg’s career has thrived since graduating from the UI College of Pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2009. She credits much of her success to the education received and the meaningful relationships formed while at the UI College of Pharmacy. Vyverberg comments:

“The UI College of Pharmacy has a long history of providing exceptional education to student pharmacists and the dedicated faculty and staff work tirelessly to ensure student success."

Emily Weyenberg

Emily Weyenberg, PharmD Class of 2025

Doctor of Pharmacy student Emily Weyenberg had never been to Iowa City, but she knew the first time she stepped foot on the Iowa campus it was where she was meant to be.

“It was the ‘small-town, big city’ atmosphere that drew me in and I appreciated that Iowa offers all of the amenities of a large school while still feeling like a tight-knit community.”

Some of those amenities include Iowa’s “top-rated curriculum, fantastic faculty, and state-of-the-art facility,” according to Weyenberg.