Charles Iles
Charles Iles, PharmD Class of 2025

Doctor of Pharmacy student Charles Iles, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, did not know what to expect during his admissions visit at the University of Iowa. According to Iles, he was quickly “welcomed with open arms and had an opportunity to see what Iowa was truly about.” On his visit, it was the culture of Iowa City that really stood out.

“It was apparent the culture of Iowa City is reflected around the nationally-ranked university and what this place means to the community. As soon as I arrived in Iowa City, a sense of pride ensued as everyone rallies around the university and major healthcare system within the city. That pride and the brand-new pharmacy building had a lasting impact on my visit. For these reasons, I knew I wanted to study to become an expert in drug therapy here at Iowa.”

The welcoming and supportive culture has continued to be prevalent during Iles first year of pharmacy school as well.

“Something that has stood out during my first year is the culture at Iowa. Once you are admitted, you enter into the Iowa “pharmily”—which you may hear from time to time. As part of this family culture, anyone can reach out to any upperclassman, faculty, or mentor for questions. Everyone is encouraging you to become a professional leader in the pharmacy field. It is reassuring to know that when you come to Iowa it is a team effort and not a competitive culture.”

When asked why he chose to attend pharmacy school at Iowa, he commented it was largely due to the vast opportunities available to students including its close connection to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) and learning from practitioners.

“It was evident when visiting the College that faculty/preceptors wanted the very best for pharmacy students. The College is next to UIHC allowing students to have another level of experience before graduating. UIHC and the College have an extensive list of connections across the state and nationally for anyone interested in pursuing different areas of pharmacy.”


“The main draw to come to Iowa was learning that classes were taught by faculty who practice in their respective fields. It becomes apparent how helpful it is to learn subjects of study from experts.”

Another reason to choose Iowa according to Iles, is the program’s emphasis on leadership.

“Iowa Pharmacy stands out for the leadership it instills in its students every day. At Iowa, we have an abundant amount of research, connections, and top faculty to enhance our experience. However, something that sets this school apart is the confidence you build while learning. Whether you want to start your career in community, clinical, or industry, it is clear you will have the confidence to be successful in whichever path you choose. Iowa equips students with the necessary skills to excel wherever we choose to practice.”

Iles is excited and ready for the next three years of pharmacy school. He is currently interested in pursuing a residency to enter the clinical aspect of pharmacy, although he knows his interests could change throughout pharmacy school. He would like to explore a position in an Intensive Care Unit working alongside other health professions to gain experience.

“We have also been introduced to advocacy and industry careers that have piqued my interest. Over the next three years, we will be presented with a multitude of different paths we can pursue; however, I am set on working in my dream setting of a hospital as of right now.”