Cultivating Your Future

Career wellness is twofold. Also called occupational wellness, it means engaging in a fulfilling and rewarding job that is aligned with your personal goals and values. It also means having balance between work and personal life and putting your physical, mental, and emotional health first. Career wellness requires continually learning and working on interpersonal communication skills to effectively interact with team members. Set yourself up for success! Below are a few key areas to consider.

Curriculum Vitae

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Online Presence

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  • A student in the College of Pharmacy has the opportunity to have three mentors assigned -- one faculty mentor, one professional (practitioner/alumni) mentor, and one peer mentor. Get to know these mentors well. They not only have a wealth of knowledge, but they also have many, many connections and can connect you to their networks.
  • Join a professional organization to build relationships and grow your network. Attend events as much as possible.
  • Attend Career Fairs. Each fall, the College of Pharmacy holds a Career Fair with community, chain, and hospital pharmacies. This is a great opportunity for all levels to talk to potential employers about what they're looking for in a candidate. Keep an eye on our events calendar for information on the fair and all pharmacy activities.
  • Check out the great networking tips provided by an Iowa Pharmacy Association presentation.

Access Resources

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  • While primarily geared toward undergraduates, the UI Pomerantz Career Center gives you access to an expansive career guide, mock interview opportunities, and more.
  • Find employment opportunities through (grad assistant and student jobs at UI and UI Hospitals & Clinics) and student Jobs (on and off campus jobs, including work study).
  • The Iowa Pharmacy Association has a terrific career center to search for industry jobs and get guidance on resume writing, interviewing, and more.