Following Your North Star

At first blush, many may consider spirituality to be connected to some form of higher power. However, spiritual wellness relates to finding purpose, value, and meaning in your life, with or without organized religion. It’s about participating in activities that are consistent with your beliefs and values.

Religious and spiritual groups, such as Campus Christian Fellowship, Hillel, and the Association of Muslims in America, are part of the UI's 600 student organizations. The College of Pharmacy also has a Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International club among its student groups, while the Iowa City/Coralville Area boasts multiple places of worship

The College offers a quiet space, located at PHAR S553, that students may use for spiritual reasons, to meditate, or take a break from the day.

Mindfulness and meditation resources include:

UI College of Pharmacy chair and rug in quiet space.
Buddist Student
UI Newman Catholic Student Center Building Exterior