Chem building

1885 -- The UI College of Pharmacy was founded

Emil Boerner

1885 -- E.L. Boerner Appointed Founding Dean

Zada Cooper

1897 -- Zada Cooper, 'Grand and Glorious Lady of Pharmacy,' Becomes Faculty Member


1900 -- College is a Founding Member of The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

Hall of Chem and Pharm

1902 -- Department of Pharmacy becomes College of Pharmacy

Wilbur Teeters

1904 -- W.J. Teeters is Appointed Dean

old medicine bottles

1905 -- College of Pharmacy Assumes Distribution of all Drugs in University Hospitals


1917 -- College of Pharmacy Produces "Bootleg" Aspirin

chem pharm

1926 Pharmacy Moves to the Pharmacy-Botany Building Addition of the Chemistry Building

drug room

1928 -- Pharmacy Building Drug Room (Pharmacy Service Created)

rudolph kuever

1937 -- R. A. Kuever is Appointed Dean

hospital pharmacy

1938 -- Iowa Establishes the First Graduate Program in Hospital Pharmacy in the Country

louis zopf

1952 -- Louis C. Zopf is Appointed Dean

william tester

1962 -- Tester Begins Study that Establishes Unit Dose System

home on west side

1963 -- College of Pharmacy Moves to West Side of Campus

iowa drug information

1965 -- Iowa Drug Information Service (Division of Drug Information Service) Founded

dose system

1965 -- College of Pharmacy Develops the National-Standard Unit Dose System

dale e

1972 -- Dale E. Wurster is Appointed Dean

Clinical Supply

1974 -- Division of Pharmaceutical Service begins Producing Dosage Forms for Clinical Testing

john rosazza

1983 -- Biocatalysis Research Group established, Professor Jack Rosazza as Director


1984 -- Robert A. Wiley becomes Dean

Gilbert Banker

1992 -- Gilbert Banker is Appointed Dean


1993 -- Center for Advanced Drug Development Established


1994 -- Established Iowa Center for Pharmaceutical Care in Collaboration with the Iowa Pharmacy Association and Drake University

South wing

1996 -- South Wing Building Dedicated

Class of '97

1997 -- First Entire Class Graduated with Doctor of Pharmacy Degrees

Community pharm

1999 -- Residency Education Achieves First Nationwide Accreditation for a Multi-Site Community Pharmacy


1999 -- Jordan L. Cohen is Appointed Dean

dean letendre 2

2007 -- Donald E. Letendre is Appointed Dean


2008 -- Division of Pharmaceutical Service and Center for Advanced Drug Development Merge to Become UI Pharmaceuticals


2009 -- The College is Restructured from Three Academic Divisions to Two Departments


2011 -- Barry Carter becomes the Recipient of the Colleges First Named Professorship, The Patrick E. Keefe Professor in Pharmacy


2012 -- Inaugural Osterhaus Medal for Lifetime Achievement is Awarded to Robert Osterhaus, Max Eggleston, and Thomas Temple


2012 -- William Doucette is Named to the Deborah K. Veale Professorship in Healthcare


2013 -- Aliasger Salem is Named the Lyle and Sharon Bighley Endowed Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences


2013 -- The College Implements the Learning and Living Curriculum


2015 -- James B. Ray Appointed to James A. Otterbeck One Point Patient Care Professorship in Hospice and Palliative Care

Rob Kerns

2015 -- Robert Kerns is named Lach Chair in Drug Delivery Technology, the First Fully-Endowed Chair

zada cooper

2016 -- The College Hosts the Inaugural Zada Cooper Leadership Symposium

2016 The college breaks ground on a new facility

2016 -- The College Breaks Ground on a New Facility

2017 Palliative Care

2017 -- The College Offers its First Certificate in Palliative Care, within the Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculum

Dean Letendre Signing beam

2018 -- Sign the Beam Celebration, the Last Beam Hoisted into the New Building