About the Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented annually to individuals who have made distinguished contributions to the theory and practice of pharmacy or have demonstrated major accomplishments in a professional pharmacy practice, or in pharmaceutical research and development.   

Awardees have managed or directed organizations that have made noteworthy national or international contributions to the pharmacy profession. They have contributed truly exceptional service to their community, the College, the profession, or the public. The individual must be a graduate of the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy.

To nominate an individual for this award, please follow this link.

2022 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients*

2021 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients 

Jenelle Sobotka, ’87 BSPh, '89 PharmD, FAPhA, FNAP
Todd Semla, ’81 BSPh, '83 MS, '85 PharmD

2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients 

Ronald Betts, ’73 MS, PhD
Ann and Timothy Lehan, ’76 BSPh

2018 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients 

Elizabeth A. Chrischilles, '79 BSPh, '81 MS, '86 PhD
Marilyn and Matthew Osterhaus, both '80 BSPh

2017 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients 

Sue Purcell, ’74 BSPh
William Stagner, ’73 BSPh, ’77 MS, ’79 PhD

2016 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Michael Akers, BA, ’72 PhD, MBA 
Christopher Decker, '88 BSPh

2015 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Terry Dahl, '83 PhD
Miekeleen Hart, '79 BSPh

2014 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Dennis Erb, ’84 PhD
Stephen Mullenix, '74 BSPh

*No ceremony was held in 2020.