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The College of Pharmacy honors graduates of the past 20 years who have achieved early distinction in their field. Nominees include those who have made considerable contributions to the theory and practice of pharmacy or have demonstrated major accomplishments in a professional pharmacy practice or in pharmaceutical research and development.  Recipients have also contributed truly exceptional service to their community, the College, the profession, or the public.  To nominate an individual for this award, please follow this link.

2022 Genesis Award Recipients

Samm Anderegg University of Iowa College of Pharmacy Genesis Alumni Award Recipient

Samm Anderegg

Samm Anderegg, '11 PharmD, MS, is co-founder and chief executive officer at DocStation, a software platform that helps pharmacies and health plans operate clinical programs at scale. He plays an active role in product, strategy, marketing, and pharmacy engagement.

Prior to launching his company, Anderegg practiced pharmacy for five years, implementing specialty pharmacy services for the University of Georgia Oncology & Ambulatory Care service lines. He then spent eight years as a Pharmacy HIT Collaborative consultant, developing standardized codes for clinical pharmacy documentation, which now serve as the foundation for data sharing across practice settings and quality measurement in value-based programs.

Anderegg has published several journal articles and national presentations on topics he cares about most: health-care technology, patient outcomes, and professional resilience.

Rubi Burlage 2022 University of Iowa College of Pharmacy Genesis Alumni Award Recipient

Rubi Burlage

As associate vice president of Sterile Product and Device Development at Merck & Co., Inc., Rubi Burlage, '06 PhD, is responsible for leadership of Merck’s sterile small molecule, biologics, and vaccine drug product design and development. Burlage previously was Merck’s executive director, Sterile Drug Product Commercialization and also led innovation in sterile and specialty products through roles of increasing responsibility.

Burlage’s interests include understanding biopharmaceutical and mechanistic principles influencing dosage form design, studying factors germane to successful product and process scale up, and developing risk-weighted strategies for drug product commercialization. She has co-authored several publications, co-invented three patents, and currently is chair emeritus of the Drug Product Leadership Group for the International Consortium for Innovation & Quality in Pharmaceutical Development.

Brett Faine University of Iowa College of Pharmacy 2022 Genesis Alumni Award Recipient

Brett Faine

Brett Faine, '07 PharmD, MS, has a quartet of UI roles. He is a clinical associate professor at both the College of Pharmacy and the College of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine (EM) – where he’s also director of Research Operations, and a clinical pharmacy specialist at UI Hospitals & Clinics (UIHC). Faine completed a post-graduate Acute Care Pharmacy Residency at UIHC and subsequently started the organization’s EM Pharmacy program. Besides his clinical practice and teaching, Faine is active in EM clinical research. His interests and expertise include emergency-department infectious diseases and sepsis.

Faine co-founded the Emergency Medicine PHARMacotherapy Research NETwork, the first multicenter network of EM clinical pharmacist researchers in the United States. The network connects researchers at 15 different centers nationwide, enabling collaboration among pharmacists to evaluate pharmacotherapy practices. 

Past Genesis Award Recipients*

2021 Genesis Award Recipients

Brand Newland, '05 PharmD, MBA
Ann Schwemm, '09 PharmD/MPH

2019 Genesis Award Recipients

Monica Fay-Azhar, ’03 PharmD, MBA
Scott Hynes, ’00 PharmD, PhD

2018 Genesis Award Recipients

Nicole K Brogden, '07 PharmD, PhD
Farah Towfic, '11 PharmD

2017 Genesis Award Recipients

Brett Barker, '08 PharmD
Karunya Kandimalla, '04 PhD

2016 Genesis Award Recipients

Deanna L McDanel, '01 PharmD,
Francisco Velazquez, BS, MS, '03 PhD

2015 Genesis Award Recipient

Mike Brownlee, '01 PharmD, MS

2014 Genesis Award Recipients

Kuberan Balagurunathan, '00 PhD
Nora Stelter, '00 PharmD

2013 Genesis Award Recipients

Kelly Brock, '02 PharmD
Joanne Reiland Wakeman, '02 BS, '09 PhD

*No ceremony was held in 2020.