About the Award

The College of Pharmacy honors graduates of the past 20 years who have achieved early distinction in their field. Nominees include those who have made considerable contributions to the theory and practice of pharmacy or have demonstrated major accomplishments in a professional pharmacy practice or in pharmaceutical research and development.  Recipients have also contributed truly exceptional service to their community, the College, the profession, or the public. 

2023 Genesis Award Recipients

Kristen Peterson

Kristen Peterson

It was at the UI College of Pharmacy that Kristen Peterson, ’17 PharmD, first discovered her passion for oncology
pharmacy, clinical research, and mentoring  both prepharmacy and pharmacy students. After graduation, which included a Certificate of Public Health, Peterson completed a postgraduate residency (PGY1) at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, and subsequently a PGY2 oncology pharmacy residency at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She is now the Multiple Myeloma Clinic pharmacist at the Duke Blood Cancer Center in Durham, North Carolina.

In addition to her clinical work and research in this realm, Peterson remains active with the pharmacy residency programs as a PGY1 and PGY2 oncology residency coordinator. She has been a member of the UI Genesis Board since 2019 and looks forward to continuing her involvement with the College.

Heidi Schwanz

Heidi Schwanz

After graduating from Iowa, Heidi Schwanz’12 PhD, MBA, completed a National Institutes of Health post-doctoral Fellowship at Boston University's Whittaker Cardiovascular Institute. Today she directs a chemistry-focused research and development (R&D) team in Boston Scientific's Interventional Oncology and Embolization Division. In this role, she is the technical lead for the  OBSIDIO™ Conformable Embolic product that launched in the United States during second-quarter 2023 as the first shear-thinning embolic technology to be Food and Drug Administration cleared for peripheral use. Schwanz also works with design integration and identifying/ defining the future R&D embolization pipeline. Her earlier positions with the company supported drug-eluting vascular devices. 

Schwanz, as co-primary investigator, recently received a four-year, $4 million Department of Defense grant for exploratory work in the embolic space. She is enthusiastic about interventional oncology and enjoys leading her team and using her technical expertise to develop better solutions to unmet needs in patient care. 

Past Genesis Award Recipients*

2022 Genesis Award Recipients

Samm Anderegg, '11 PharmD, MS
Rubi Burlage, '06 PhD
Brett Faine, '07 PharmD, MS

2021 Genesis Award Recipients

Brand Newland, '05 PharmD, MBA
Ann Schwemm, '09 PharmD/MPH

2019 Genesis Award Recipients

Monica Fay-Azhar, ’03 PharmD, MBA
Scott Hynes, ’00 PharmD, PhD

2018 Genesis Award Recipients

Nicole K Brogden, '07 PharmD, PhD
Farah Towfic, '11 PharmD

2017 Genesis Award Recipients

Brett Barker, '08 PharmD
Karunya Kandimalla, '04 PhD

2016 Genesis Award Recipients

Deanna L McDanel, '01 PharmD,
Francisco Velazquez, BS, MS, '03 PhD

2015 Genesis Award Recipient

Mike Brownlee, '01 PharmD, MS

2014 Genesis Award Recipients

Kuberan Balagurunathan, '00 PhD
Nora Stelter, '00 PharmD

2013 Genesis Award Recipients

Kelly Brock, '02 PharmD
Joanne Reiland Wakeman, '02 BS, '09 PhD

*No ceremony was held in 2020.