The PhD Degree

Our curriculum is designed to develop a strong theoretical, quantitative, and technical understanding of core principles in drug development. This includes solid-state chemistry, formulation, analytical characterization, drug delivery, and pharmacokinetic modeling and simulation.  A broad selection of electives is further available to tailor the curriculum to a student's individual interests.  

The Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy with a sub-program in pharmaceutics requires 72 semester hours of credit. We require 30 semester hours in didactic coursework, including a minimum of 15 semester hours of pharmaceutics courses.  The remaining 15 semester hours may be fulfilled with elective coursework. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00.

Complete course descriptions can be found in the University Course Catalog

Code Title Hours
PHAR:4146 Drug Disposition and Pharmacokinetics 2
PHAR:4736 Properties of Dosage Forms I (or equivalent) 3
PHAR:4737 Properties of Dosage Forms II 3
PHAR:4800 Chemical and Biophysical Properties of Drugs 1
PHAR:5510 Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics Seminar (enrollment strongly encouraged for 1 s.h. every semester for a minimum of four semesters) 4
PHAR:5745 Drug Delivery: Principles and Applications I arr.
PHAR:5880 Protein Pharmaceuticals 2
PHAR:6700 Advanced Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics 3
PHAR:6706 Equilibria Processes 3
PHAR:6710 Pharmaceutics Graduate Seminar 1-2
PHAR:6720 Pharmaceutics Research arr.
BMED: 7270 Scholarly Integrity/Responsible Conduct of Research I (taken in second year) 0
BMED: 7271 Scholarly Integrity/Responsible Conduct of Research II (taken in second year) 0


Elective Courses
Students choose appropriate electives for individual research objectives.

Comprehensive Examination
Students take the comprehensive examination between the beginning and end of their third year of graduate study.

The dissertation is defended in a final oral examination.

The MS Degree

The MS degree requires at least 30 semester hours, which may include six semester hours of research. The degree usually requires a thesis. To apply to the MS program, please contact the Graduate Program Administrator directly.