Monday, May 14, 2012

The 2012 Senior Dinner and Awards Banquet was held on May 9. Several members of the graduating class were recognized for their accomplishments.

College of Pharmacy Faculty Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award
Carrie J. Sayre

College of Pharmacy Faculty Superior Scholastic Achievement Awards
Alex J. Hangartner
Jessica M. Whalen

College of Pharmacy Distinguished Student Awards
Bryan O. Ajuluchukwu
David E. De Mik
Cady M. Ploessl
Sara C. Sougstad

College of Pharmacy Faculty Professional Achievement Award
Pamela F. Wong

Class of 2008 Gift to the 2012 Class President Award
Macklin C. O’Brien

APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Certificate
Audrey Banner Kostrzewa

Dean’s Achievement Award
Phoebe Sebhatu

Exemplary Performance in Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences
David E. De Mik
Jessica M. Whalen

Facts & Comparisons Award of Excellence in Clinical Communication
Emily N. Israel

Lilly Achievement Award
Emma S. Kraayenbrink

Merck Prize Awards
Courtney M. Creary
Nathan R. Harold
Nicholas J. Stumpf

Mylan Excellence in Pharmacy Award
Nathan S. Walleser

National Standard Research Collaboration Award
Chelsea D. Schorg

TEVA Company Award
Kevin J. Roeder

United States Service Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Practice Award
Elizabeth Wittchow Amelon