Thursday, April 7, 2016

On April 5, students, faculty, staff, and administrators from across the University of Iowa descended upon the State Capitol in Des Moines for the annual Hawkeye Caucus Day, and the opportunity to meet face to face with lawmakers. Representatives from the College of Pharmacy were on hand to share the impact the college has across Iowa.

"I wanted to be involved with Hawkeye Caucus because I love the University of Iowa and the College of Pharmacy. Both have been extremely good to me and given me opportunities I wouldn’t have received elsewhere. Attending an event such as the Hawkeye Caucus Day gives me the opportunity to advocate for the needs of the pharmacy college and give back to the university. Students have the ability to raise awareness about issues facing the university and the college of pharmacy. Being aware of the needs and goals of our college and profession allows students to recognize and learn the values and needs of our neighbors and surrounding community," said Marshall Johnson, a third-year Doctor of Pharmacy candidate.

The annual Hawkeye Caucus Day in Des Moines is organized by the Hawkeye Caucus, a collaboration of University of Iowa students, staff, alumni, and Iowans who are all united in pride for the University of Iowa.

College of Pharmacy students in attendance included:

  • Robert Nichols
  • Marshall Johnson
  • Dayton Trent
  • Mackenzie Meade
  • Jennifer Ross
  • Jasmine Mangrum
  • Laura Nesheim