Wednesday, March 28, 2018

In the Spotlight is an initiative to celebrate the incredibly talented people and teams within the college and to facilitate awareness and understanding of the unique individuals who make up the pharmacy family. 

This month, we learn about Barbara Kelley, director of External Relations in the Office of the Dean.

In the Spotlight: Barb Kelley

Tell us about your role at the college.

My duties at the college encompass and blend two overlapping operational functions. I drive engagement activities -- developing and managing relationships with constituency groups that include alumni, university colleagues, donors, students, stakeholders, and legislators. I also manage communications at the collegiate level through all media channels. This role suits me well as I enjoy connecting with people, listening to (and telling) their stories and learning about their passions.

Tell us about your photo.

This photo is from a favorite vacation of mine with my children and their friends in Miami, August, 2017.

What’s your favorite summer activity/musical genre?

What I like to do in the summer and my favorite music genre go hand in hand --- I love to be outside on hot summer days or cool nights with friends, listening to singer/songwriters or blues artists.

If money wasn't an object, how would you spend your time?

If money wasn’t an object, I would be at home every day and foster dogs. I would remodel my house and landscape the back yard to better care for 5-6 dogs at a time. I would take part in pet rescues and get involved in a therapy dog program for the elderly, patients, and children.

What is the one thing you couldn't go a day without (besides necessities)?

I couldn't go a day without coffee!

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