Tuesday, January 15, 2019


After many years of dedicated service, Associate Dean for Professional Education Michael W. Kelly has announced his decision to retire from his administrative duties on June 30, 2019. Kelly joined the faculty of the UI College of Pharmacy in 1994 as a clinical pharmacist in the Department of Family Medicine, Carver College of Medicine. In 2004 he was appointed associate dean for professional education in the College of Pharmacy, overseeing all student affairs including PharmD admissions, curriculum, activities, and student welfare. Kelly will remain a faculty member in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science, continuing his outstanding teaching and service.


In order to provide for a smooth transition, Susan Vos was named assistant dean for professional education on January 1, 2019. Vos will work closely with Kelly and the staff of the Office of Academic Affairs to learn the various facets and functions of the office. She will initially focus her efforts on recruitment, admissions and student services.  



Jenny Seyfer

Due to Vos' new role, Jennifer Seyfer has been named director of the Professional Experience Program (PEP). Seyfer has been an integral member of PEP for the past 11 years, which will ensure continuity during this transition. She will be responsible for oversight of the Professional Experience Program.