Monday, November 18, 2019


In the News: Pharmacists on the Front Lines

The UI College of Pharmacy has collaborative practice partnerships with six family medicine clinics in Iowa that are part of a network originally created by the Office of Statewide Clinical Education in 1974 by the UI Carver College of Medicine. Each health care setting partners with and houses a faculty member directly associated with the College of Pharmacy.

The UI College of Pharmacy and Carver College of Medicine financially support these statewide clinics, ensuring that pharmacists “have an opportunity to directly shape the education of tomorrow’s doctors, and promote the safe and effective use of medications in our patients,” says Michael E. Ernst, a pharmacist and College of Pharmacy faculty member at UI Hospitals & Clinics, one of the six aforementioned sites. The arrangement also ensures that patients in Iowa and beyond continue to benefit from having clinical pharmacists on their family medicine care team along with their doctors, nurses, and others.

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